Kratos as you have never seen him before in these artworks

Gamersmint: The God Of War is perhaps the most ruthless and devastating anti-hero that might have ever graced videogames. We have loved the way he was presented in all the games of the series but every true fan wanted to see different versions of Kratos.

Keeping those sentiments in mind, the minions at Gamersmint has collected some of the best fanmade artworks of the God of War for our readers to enjoy and perhaps explore a unseen side of our favorite character.

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GTmonster2985d ago

pics lol, demios is ok though

The Matrix2985d ago

Master Chief is peeing his pants somewhere looking at these.

UltraNova2985d ago

Common Sony just licence GoW to a Japanese anime producer and let them go rampant with it! It will rock!

psb2985d ago

that's an excellent collection and they have credited all the artists too. My pick will be the Monster Kratos. That could actually work in a game if used as a temp power

cyborg2985d ago

and that's an pretty interesting concept indeed. The others are worth a look aswell. My favorite in the fiery Kratos. Looks young and different from the version of Kratos that we have seen till now but at the same time retains his rage

George Sears2985d ago

I thought the third last was Dhalsim for a sec. Good pics though.

razielsonofkain2985d ago

check PatrickBrown's gallery - he's got loads of Game pics in there - and they're all awesome :o

MaxOpower2985d ago

Yeah PB is awesome! Even Rockstar recognize his great art.

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