The Co-op Podcast 4.13: Will Cloud Gaming Hit Consoles?

Gary A Swaby of writes: The Co-op Podcast returns and this week we have much to discuss. In the opening portion of the podcast we go through our Call of Duty: Black Ops impressions, along with our thoughts on the new Gran Turismo 5 release date. We also speak on APB getting brought by K2 Networks and the new Fight Night M rating. As we go onto the second half of the podcast we get into our more serious discussions.

A.B Frasier raises the question of whether Sony or Microsoft will bring cloud gaming to PS3 and Xbox360 to bring games of a higher graphical quality to this generation. It’s a fair thought considering both consoles have almost been pushed to their limits, yet we are still not ready for a new generation. Also I ask the question “Which game franchises do you wish would go to a different developer?”.

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