TVGB Review: The Fight: Lights Out

TVGB: "I’m not sure if The Fight: Lights Out is named after its gameplay or the struggle to calibrate it properly. The motion controls work okay (most of the time) but you need ideal conditions for the Eye to pick up your own body leaning from side to side or ducking. What you’re left with is pretty ironic; a game that’s meant to offer you 100% control over your own body but actually leaves you feeling more helpless than any other fighting game before it."

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BrianG2984d ago

I already don't like this review since they got something wrong.

Saying head tracking never works, saw that and stopped reading.

It does work, I've seen videos displaying it from users. Those users also explained and showed how accuracy improved as you build up your character. I wasn't aware of this, and most reviewers that gave it low scores didn't seem aware of that either.