"I Don't Get It." - 8 Games with Incomprehensible Plot Elements

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "A game in our current climate pretty much has to have a narrative. They're not always good, but they're always there, tucked into the game neatly to give it a little more cohesion. However, some narratives in videogames end up being too convoluted and head-scratchingly bizarre that sometimes we find ourselves sitting there saying the title of this blog. All together now: "I Don't Get It". This is a list of a few games I've played over the years that had me saying those very words, completely baffled by what was going on, probably sat there with a bemused look upon my face. Read on and see if you relate to any of these massively convoluted narratives..."

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ilikestuff2988d ago

whats hard to understand about bowser kidnapping the princess all the time? he loves that vag

hay2988d ago

Acutally he kidnaps her to meet with Mario. He loves that dong.

Redempteur2988d ago

tsk we all know that peach has a kidnapping fetish deep inside

ilikestuff2988d ago

i gotta disagree redempteur, im pretty sure a big throbbing Italian meat missile is whats deep inside of the princess

Redempteur2988d ago

and why can't she love both ?

Saladfax2988d ago

"...big throbbing Italian meat missile..."

Quoted for horrifying imagery.

evercast2988d ago

Very surprised that Kingdom Hearts isn't on this list.

despair2988d ago

KH is not very hard to understand and actually has an interesting story...well the first 2 anyway, not sure what re:coded and birth by sleep story is s I haven't played them. Also sucked that you had to play the GBA card fighting version to link 1 and 2..but that game was still pretty good.

NecrumSlavery2988d ago

KH isn't hard to understand. Sora saved the day, became a heartless. But when doing that he was lost in memory(GBA game) and saved in the egg, whom roxas(sora's nobody) awakened him and they fused.

KH on DS was about the beginning of the Org XIII's involvement.

As for BBS, I'm pretty far in and am still confused though. I hear the story opens at the end, but characters in this replicate a look to many from the series.

I'm sure KH III will rap it up nicely.

QuantumSponge2988d ago

Well, that's because KH doesn't have a story, so much as an endless procession of pointless cameos. Basically, Square-Enix figured that with the tractor-beam nostalgia factor working for them, they didn't need to bother with writing an actual story.

gamerdude1322988d ago

I agree with Infinite Undiscovery. Being one of the VERY few Japanese RPGs I like (none of them include Final Fantasy) the plot was kinda weird. I've always wondered what the fuck chaining the moon does.

Rocket Sauce2988d ago

They lost me at "undiscovery."

Dsnyder2988d ago

The cake metaphor was his joke.

kesvalk2988d ago

wait, mario has a plot?

i mean, i thought it was all about jumping on turtles and getting mushrooms...

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