Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Analysis

Lens of Truth writes "“I have seen what comes of those who raise themselves above others.” Welcome back everyone for this weeks Analysis of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now that we’ve spent some quality time with both versions, we can confidently say that there are some significant differences we’ve noticed during our capture session. So the question remains, does Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood have what it takes to close the gaps between its predecessors? Or is this version also “marked” with the same fate? Keep reading to find out.

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NYC_Gamer2987d ago

ubisoft games always have some issues on ps3

anthraxCZ2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

here it goes again - xbox 360 wins, it isnt so obvious as in black ops, but still visible better performance of xbox 360 version

anthraxCZ2987d ago


I really dont get the point of comparing exclusive, you cannot compare exclusives, only multi titles and they are better on xbox

ZombieNinjaPanda2987d ago


I hope you're trolling because if you believe in what you just said, you are not a smart man.

raztad2987d ago

No really true.

GoW3 >> Lord of Shadow PS3 > Lord of Shadow XBOX.

GT5 > GT5P > Forza 3

That is my reference. Similar games can be fairly compared, and being exclusives help to avoid port related issues.

Anton Chigurh2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Seriously bro, why do we need to compare GOW with LOS ??

You need to understand that people have different opinions and saying that GT5 is better than Forza 3 is really ignorant because GT5 is still not available yet. Besides this article is about AC.

Army_of_Darkness2987d ago

Other than that, they both seem to look & run equally as well.

The Creep2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

looooooooooooooooool keep dreaming

raztad2987d ago


Well, I'm not talking about gameplay, fun or subjective stuff.

This is a thread about GRAPHICS comparison, GRAPHICS, VISUALS. TEXTURES/LIGHTNING/FRAMERATE. You know objective stuff that can be measured.

And yes GoW3> LoS and GT5P>Forza3. Technically proven, hard facts.

I know this article is about AC, but I was providing examples about how exclusives can be compared as a response to anthraxCZ.


AC2 PS3 has this Quincux stuff that blurries textures. Not deal breaking but annoying. Hope some day multiplat developers learn how to produce better AA on PS3. Other than that AC2 looks good enough. PS3 owners are not missing anything.

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jpdcmo2987d ago

Xbox 360 version assassinates the PlayStation 3

Xbox 360 have:
- higher resolution texture,
- much better volumetric lighting system,
- bettet shadow maps,
- better reflection maps,
- better self shadowing algorithm,
- no missing objects,
- slightly less visible screen tearing,

same loading time (I install all xbox 360 games)

PS3 have:
- temporary FREE DLC

RudeSole Devil2987d ago

An Analysis before the game out. PS3 sucks again. What you expect.

jizzyjones2987d ago

Id hardly say ps3 version sucks because a handful of effects look 5% worse and it loading 8 seconds faster. Jus proves these analysis's are a bit pointless.

Motorola2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

PS3 sucks? you mean VERSION? obvious troll is obvious he didnt say version ^

Soul Train2987d ago

That's 2 Assassin's Creed win's in a row for the Xbox 360. I think Ubisoft gave the PS3 version exclusive DLC because they can't develop games on the system.

Joe Bomb2987d ago

Yeah why even bother with "timed exclusive DLC" when the version that its going to is inferior? Pretty lame ubisoft!

jdktech20102987d ago

yea but those exclusive missions on PS3 were just out of the kindness of their heart....double standard I tell you

peeps2987d ago

well i'd be surprised if the ps3 version suddenly got better than the 360 when it's the same game engine since AC

josh143992987d ago

its not much different but the 360 version is slightly better looking but that is expected considering the ps3 version is a port.

ingiomar2987d ago

its not a port,thats when a game is released later on said console, but ACII:brotherhood has been developed simultaneously.

And besides its not inferior...thats such a bad word,the 360 version just looks a little better because of the shadows and sharpness and resolution..who cares? ps3 only owners will get about the same experience anyways and with extra DLC(lame DLC if you ask me).

Shaman2987d ago

There is no port in games that are made by huge teams like R* and Ubi.There was 400 people working on ACB,it makes no sense to port it when you have 10+ ps3 coders on your team.

Balt 2987d ago

Offensive to any Ps3 owner who pays full price for this game. There is no way the PS3 version of Ubi-Soft games should be full price. They should sell for 29.99. The level of quality in their games do not warrant full price, sorry. I'd encourage everyone to buy this used if you need to get it. Which, I cannot see how anyone would.

yippiechicken2987d ago

That theory works both ways.

If it took the devs an extra 6 months to make the game the same as the 360 version because it takes longer to code on the PS3, would the PS3 owners (including me) be willing to pay more for a game since it was more expensive to make? I don't imagine that would go over very well.