Ubisoft explains reasons behind Ghost Recon: Future Soldier delay

Ubisoft has commented on the reasons behind today's delay of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, explaining that the upcoming third-person shooter has been pushed back to FY2012 "to make the game the best it possibly can be".

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DiLeCtioN2986d ago

from the day I saw the trailer I was like OMG awsome. Cant wait for this game to get released, love TPS shooters.

Blaze9292986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

God damn! When did that happen? Today? Dammit Ubisoft. Good thing I got rid of Splinter Cell: Conviction when I did - summer beta my ass. If I were to keep believing that I'd still have that copy which is only worth like $5 now.

Just better bring me a new Rainbow Six game soon after this Ubisoft.

irepbtown2986d ago

Yeah, Definitely agree with a new Rainbow Six.
But what i've seen from GR Future Soldier, looks brilliant. I cant wait,


2012 will also have real good movies releasing. And 2012 olympics. What a year, What a year. I cant wait.

Jack-Pyro2986d ago

Don't forget the end of the world!

That's a sure fire way to make the year go out with a BANG!


AAACE52985d ago

This entire year of gaming has been fairly unimpressive to me! There were a few decent games, but nothing I got too hooked on. I hate that most of the games I wanted got pushed back to 2011. There was a lot available this year, but I wasn't interest in most of it!

At least 2011 will be a great year for gaming!

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Christopher2986d ago

Is it me, or are huge date push backs becoming the norm for many major titles that aren't based on existing tech/are new IPs?

jjohan352986d ago

Yeah developers are finally realizing how shitty the unreal engine is for this generation.

I'm with Blaze, I'd rather see Rainbow Six than Ghost Recon. There's a much larger fanbase/community for Rainbow Six than Ghost Recon. Ppl are still playing RB6 games online, while hardly anybody plays any of the Ghost Recon games.

soundslike2986d ago

so right

honestly who actually thought ghost recon was anything other than a spinoff of rb6?

thehitman2986d ago

but those are both spinoffs of socom

hoops2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

You do know that Ghost Recon came out before Socom, so what game is copying which? Matter of fact, Rainbow 6 came out in 1998 and the first Socom game came out in 2002. So unless Socom pulled a Michael J. Fox and went back into time, Socom is a direct spin off of those games.
You might want to check release dates for games before you post

thehitman2986d ago

socom had was more in-depth then ghost/rainbow six combine and was the first one to go online.

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otherZinc2986d ago

I hope this fiscal year is still around April or May!?

If this game is delayed I'll be hurt almost to the point of crying!

ingiomar2986d ago

Delays are important to improve the game but DAMNNNN!!!! 2012??

jbiz3202986d ago

Meaning we could see it as early as April 2011.

Neo Nugget2986d ago

Or as late as March 2012, right?

joydestroy2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

yup. i'll go ahead and expect the worst, so 2012 man. that sucks. was really looking forward to this game

irepbtown2986d ago

April is early to you?

Me, Early = Jan/Feb. Anything past is not early. Thats just me.

m232986d ago

Son of a bitch! I was looking forward to this game so much, this sucks so hard. From the moment this game was announced I was anticipating the release, hopefully it will be worth the extra wait.

Reborn2986d ago

I was excited to jump on this with some friends.

Sigh.. well, it should be good when its eventually released!

STICKzophrenic2986d ago

Well, the beginning part of the year just became more affordable yet again lol.

Planned on getting: Dead Space 2, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Gears of War3, and now with the delays of this and Gears 3, I only have three games I'm probably gonna buy.

I'm disappointed by the release, but relieved for the money aspect of it.

Active Reload2986d ago

I got the feeling if you have a 360, you're probably going to want to pick up Bulletstorm. I'm thinking its going to have the Gears 3 beta code.

STICKzophrenic2986d ago

Good lookin' on that.

I'm not much of a MP player though. I definitely prefer a great single player experience. That said, if Bulletstorm reviews well and gamers like it, I'll definitely keep my eyes on it.

m232986d ago

I will be picking up Bulletstorm and the Gears 3 delay plays a big part in that. But i kinda doubt they will have the beta in Bulletstorm, since the games are from two different publishers. Who knows, maybe EA and Microsoft will work out some kind of deal.

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