Jim Sterling's Terrible Bucket List: Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain should be glad it's "just a game." Jim Sterling gives his impressions on this overrated PS3 title and reasons why you shouldn't be swayed by its pretty graphics.

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RedDead2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Surprisingly enough the gameplay was the best thing, it might not sound the most appealing but when your in a gunfight or something that can kill the character, it gets pretty crazy and heart starts racing.

The story was a bit weird, I found there to be too many plotholes or unexplained stuff, detective thrillers isn't a genre where you leave the story up to guessing. The cheap throw off for the villain annoyed me aswell.

Graphics were of course sexy.
"""From Article "would have pretend thoughts in his brain would be if he knew he was a video game character and was deliberately roleplaying in his own head to fool the player. This would of course be ludicrous and dishonest on the part of Quantic."

This shi* here annoyed me and especially the clock shop part.

"The blackouts are only vaguely referenced after they’re introduced, explained away in a brief, easy-to-miss sentence, and promptly discarded entirely once they’re no longer needed. "

This too haha and how did Madison know to call the FBI agent directly, as far as I know they never met once in the game.

edit again

even with the plotholes the games story is above most games


The gameplay is a lot better and more immersive with PS Move.

Larry L2989d ago

I won't click on any link that has Jim Sterling's name attached to it. He's a complete tool, and as someone already stated...he's got a major chip on his shoulder which is apparent just about any time he reviews a PS3 exclusive game.

Heavy Rain is absolutely one of my favorite games of all time, and I've been a gamer for 25 years and graphics have nothing to do with it. Heavy Rain is fantastic from start to finish, and is probably the most unique and immersive gaming experience I've ever had. 10/10 for me.

Heavy Rain is actually the only reason I'm going to buy a Move. To make the Heavy Rain experience even more immersive is well worth the price. Any other game I play with Move, like Killzone 3 will just be a bonus. Heavy Rain is THE reason I'm getting it.

mastiffchild2988d ago

Larry, I share a low opinion of Mr Sterling's writing but wouldn't ever accuse him of console bias. He's just more interested in knocking games with big or strong cult followings for the notoriety and finds feeding his ego with lazily garnered hits via the resulting "controversy" more important than the medium he's writing about.

As a young footballer I was given the age old "no one man is bigger than the team" speech by an old, and wiser than I ever was, coach I had and, sadly, it seems nobody ever did the same for Mr Sterling about his writing talent.

Thing is, when he's not stroking his own ego he actually writes some GOOD stuff which makes nonsense like this series of mini rants or the attack on AC2 all the more depressing. Even when they're done with a hint of irony there's still the overriding feeling that Jim feels he's much too big and clever to be writing about games or FOR gamers. However, when he forgets that he's the writer of the century , remembers his love of gaming and just does the job he's one of the more talented among the gaming media-like a couple of guys at Edge I could mention(where I DO think there's a Sony issue)with more talent than they often allow themselves to show.

IDK, it used to be sports and music writers who were accused of jealousy towards those actually performing WITHIN the fields they merely wrote about but now it seems a startling trend in the way less salubrious world of games writing.

ExcelKnight2988d ago

@Larry L: I just checked Destructoid's recent list of PS3 exclusive reviews. The lowest score given out by Sterling in the past 6 months has been 6.0 for Time Crisis (and with good reason if you play it with the Move, but definitely not if you already have a Guncon).

ikkokucrisis2988d ago

@ExcelKnight: Don't be ignorant, 6 months is a speck in time.

Do your research, Sterling has been reviewing games for many years now. Do yourself a favor and read up on those. Oh wait, I'll summarize for you:

"My name is DB-Sterling, and I hate PS3 games..."

ExcelKnight2988d ago

Speck in time? He's been far less controversial of late than he's been in the past. Same goes for the rest of the Destructoid team, who have grown to have harsher words about bad games than Sterling ever did.

His last controversy was, what, Black Ops having broken online on PC? He already recanted on that when news of the PC patch (which he reported personally) came out.

At this point, you should be hating Destructoid as a whole rather than just him. The past year was littered with low PS3, 360, and Wii scores on that site for many different titles. Most of them weren't from Sterling, though he's still the only one who (somewhat unprofessionally) replies to the comments he gets.

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Acquiescence2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Obviously he can't even stand by his own convictions, otherwise he's have dished out a lower score. Which begs the question: why take heed of his reviews when even he doesn't agree with them himself?

Honestly, whatever this guy writes about Heavy Rain is redundant, Failing Sterling has got a blatant chip on his shoulder and a serious agenda and has done since the beginning. Heavy Rain is one of the games of the year for me. You can focus on it's flaws, but then that's goes for any other game out there. Ignore the shortcomings, appreciate the game for what it is and you'll find it to be one of the most intense, unique and emotionally involving experiences to be released to this day. Developers need to take more risks like Quantic Dream did - FACT. This is something everyone can agree on.

Also, surely I'm not the only one who sees the words 'Jim Sterling' and 'bucket' together and immediately thinks of a greasy mountain of KFC.

Anon19742988d ago

They should just start every article by Jim Sterling with "Jim Sterling punches gamers in the face," given his track record. This guy just stirs shit up. That's it.

VictoriousB132988d ago

How are a bunch of quick time events unique? And emotionally involving? This game was as emotionally involving as a dollar hooker.

Scotland-The-Brave2988d ago

You obviously have not played Heavy Rain

Redempteur2988d ago


you should have paid attention to the plot and not to the QTEs

as far as i'm concerned i'm playing with real humans ..
Was the scene with the crazy guy menacing the police inspector just QTEs ? the gola was to defuse the situation and not just a bunch of QTe one after another .

heck HR is so Qte that you can miss hints and get stuck later on

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Man In Black2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It was funny how people tried to insult this game by calling it "Heavy Buttons". Yes, because having a game where you control the character using the buttons on a controller is insult-worthy.

As for the article, the usual flamebait. Good to see they're not getting as many hits as they thought. Normally, this would be at about 1000 degrees.

Also, Quantic implemented the Move controls incredibly well. Makes the action scenes even more immersive, and puts Resi 5's Move implementation to shame.

TheBlackSmoke2989d ago

As of right now Heavy rain is my goty. At the beginning of the year I would of bet my life that god of war 3 would easily take it, but for me Heavy Rain is the most unique experience I have had in years.

The game is super engrossing and you find yourself literally becoming the characters as you make critcal decisions. Also talking about different experiences and debating the story with work collegues was something I have never done for any other game.

So hate on heavy rain and give generic FPS#10928238 game of the year because I honestly dont give a shit. Fvck you Jim sterling

DORMIN2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Agree + Well said.

Heavy Rain is my current GotY. For me, I haven't experienced any game so emotionally investing like that.

This review quote sums it up best for me: "It may also be the only game you play this year where pulling the trigger makes you really feel something, and I can think of no greater compliment."

Also, for those complaining about plot holes, watch the behind the scenes videos on PSN and you will learn there are NO plot holes.

Back to Jim Sterling, the man is an attention hoe. If he didn't like it when he reviewed it, why write another article to bash it?

FragGen2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

TBH, I thought Heavy Rain sucked. I play my PS3 MUCH more than my 360, if I were to keep only one system it would be the PS3, but honestly, I just found this game weak as hell and I really think a lot of his criticism is valid for people like myself. I've rented it, I've played it, I understand what there is to like about it and understand how some people could get into it but I didn't enjoy it and was glad I didn't buy it.

I know that's an unpopular opinion here because you have to <heart> everything PS3 but this game blew for people who didn't like the game mechanics and felt the story was B-movie level; hardly the epic yarn fanboys made it out to be. IMHO.

I agree that overall that Jim Sterling is a moron in general, though. :)

Motorola2988d ago

i thought it would be terrible and I was so wrong...Its amazing, give it another try.

TheBlackSmoke2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I think the complete opposite but I don't think you should agree with me if you truly believe it not to be good. You said you didn't like it and justified why, its totally different from an inflammatory statement with no reason or hating on it for something which will be jizzed all over in other games.

I dont like a lot of stuff but I can also differentiate between whether its just not for me or is outright shit, eg: Toy story 3 is just too kiddy for me and not challenging, but it doesn't change the fact that it is of high quality.

Bottom line is, they took a risk and made something unique, Im glad SOME game companies have the balls to try instead of playing it safe and being mediocre.

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MeatPopsicle2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Yes, I'm sure everyone is eager her what this clown:

Fact: PS3 fanboys are the worst - by Jim Sterling fanboys-are-the-worst-149259.p html

has to say about games.

Don't waste your time reading what this troll has to say.

RedDead2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

These days Ps3 ones are the worst though, it all depends on how well the respective consoles are getting on, 3 years ago the 360's private army was the same as the Ps3 ones today.

The poor Wii has never had the chance.

Edit---yeah here's the random unheard disagree. Take a look at ay article and you will see why Ps3 Fanboys are now the worst. Yes they have the best system(imo) but so what, people who brag are the worst and especially over something like an electronic device. Ps3 fanboys are the ones doing the bragging these days, which makes them the worst. You can't even have and opinion anymore without your bubbles being rap**

pedrami912989d ago

Opinionate harder please.

UnwanteDreamz2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Here let me openly disagree. Saying something is the worse almost automatically makes it an opinion. You might like passing opinions as hard facts but this mentality is seriously flawed. People like Mr. Jim Sterling do this because their huge egos will not let them even entertain the notion that their opinions are nothing more than personal.

In the future you should use phrases like "in my opinion" or "from my experience". This will ensure that you don't sound like a tool box.

In my opinion all fanboys are as*holes. Ps3 360 and even Wii fankids.

visualb2989d ago

thats a ****** statement

thats relative to where you are on the internet.

to make the statement " "x" fanboys are the worst" itself, a fanboyish statement, and completely subjective...

so =| ****** statement is ******

TheBlackSmoke2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

PS3 fanboys = Obsessed with proving you wrong.

360 fanboys = Delusional, will say anything to "win".


I get called a PS3 fanboy for simply correcting or pointing out a completely false statement or obvious double standard. I know it's petty and I should really not rise to it, but when someone says the sky is made of pink and green stripes... I have to call BS.

AceofStaves2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Fanboys are the worst, regardless of the consoles they support. The 360 fanboys who troll PS3 articles are just as lame as the PS3 fanboys who troll 360 articles.

I've had disagrees from people for stating an obvious limitation of Kinect, and I've had disagrees for giving props to Microsoft on its successes in this generation.

So I don't agree with you that PS3 fanboys are the worst. All fanboys suck.

EDIT: And here we go with the random disagrees. Keep on trucking, fanboys.

raztad2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

A bit off topic.

A couple of days ago I was searching the interwebz for info about The Cell BE arch and how it compares to a GPU. I found an old interview to Kurutagi (2006 or something), in a xbox forum.

OMG! mindblown on the comments

"The jaggie station"
"The cell is only good for videos"
"The cell is POS"


Love how time has changed. :)

BTW, I dont give a crap about Jim Sterling opinion.

Silly gameAr2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

We must visit different gaming sites because it's pretty crazy on both sides. Misinformation flying all over the place, but, it got REALLY bad around the Halo Reach release with 360 fanboys. Anyway, you sound like a miniature Sterling.

Back to the toid please?

TheBlackSmoke2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

The average 360 fanboy comment is usually a short totally inflammatory statement with no conviction for the reasoning or basis in fact.

On the flipside the average PS3 fanboy comment is like a legal beatdown, barraging you with nothing but facts and shit loads of information to justify the opinion. Which can sometimes be borderline psychotic but nonetheless thorough.

...I know what I'd rather be called...

Ashriel2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

wow, nice as$ kissing, TheBlackSmoke and you wonder why you're called a ps3 fanboy xD

On topic: I thought Sterling said he liked Heavy Rain... oh well, more inconsistencies from him.

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gamelova2989d ago

People on this site were praising him last week for giving black ops a 6/10, lol

Takoulya2989d ago

I just hate the guy in general. He just seems like an obnoxious prick to me.

hay2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

@Takoulya: True, but it doesn't mean he's always wrong.
@gamelova: Do you follow everyone blindly boy? Do you think once right always right and once wrong always wrong? Never had a chance to agree with an asshole in rare occasion?

mastiffchild2988d ago

@hay-Jim Sterling IS the arsehole who you WILL end up agreeing with at some point because he's the scribe most likely to be the one on your side when THAT game comes around which everyone else loves and you just cannot see why(for me it would be Fallout3-broken shooting-twice-and a shedload of bugs and recycled Oblivion yet it's the ~World's darling!)because hell likely be there to wind up the majority and gather their eager, angry hits.

I dislike the way he goes about his work and he annoys me as much as any games writer around but only because I see glimpses of talent among the self obsession and formulaic fanboy baiting that passes for the average JS piece. The guy CAN write and HAS insight but chooses to waste it by being far more interested in his own notoriety than actually informing and entertaining hos readers which he's easily capable of doing better than 90% of the game writers I see around the web.

It#s a sad case in my considered opinion when actual talent is wasted on the easiest way of getting web attention-it's cheap and a waste of all our time and effort.

pedrami912989d ago

Jim Sterling is terrible.

yewles12989d ago

Jim Sterling bashing PS3 related anything = shocker... -_-'

Balt 2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Playing Heavy Rain with move is like catching raindrops in an eyedropper. Its nigh impossible. Some things work well, while others you have no clue or direction on what they're asking you to do with the wand. You end up frustratingly waving it about in hopes you trigger the sequence. I so wanted this game to sell me on why I got the Move and all its components at launch -- So far it has done anything but.

Pennywise2989d ago

Listening to your rants is about as fun as watching an idiot try to catch rain with an eyedropper.

You are a horrible troll. Practice up and hit us up on your comeback tour.

Zeevious2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Is bash and troll every PS3 thread you can get to.

You think people can't read your comment history and see who and what you are?

You are a pathetic little troll, hiding behind the anonymity of your account or your abandoned PSN name "Baltis" because you're not a gamer. You are so self-hating, you're desperate to criticize everyone else because in fact with each word...each sentence...each comment you write -- What you are really saying is how much you detest yourself -- By hating others.

Get help, and stop making your life into a game console.
I'd hate myself too if I was that pathetic -- But you are pathetic by CHOICE.

Try something different...Move out of your rat infested basement apartment at 666 Central and choose to do something worthwhile that doesn't involve telling everyone else to go to hell...just because you're already there.