Examiner - Call of Duty: Black Ops game review

Call of Duty: Black Ops set sales records when it was released on November 9th by selling over seven million copies worldwide on day one. But how does Black Ops actually stack up against other games in the Call of Duty franchise? Is the game's record-breaking sales indicative of a great game or is Black Ops an example of a popular game that isn't very good?

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metsgaming2983d ago

cod deserves a 3/5 in reality

captain-obvious2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

the only thing i hate about this game is the lag
and thats it
i dont know about you guys but everything else is cool with me

and i think that its an 8 out of 10 over all

InfectedDK2983d ago

Lol fail.
This game is much better.

irepbtown2983d ago

When i checked Black Ops on my PS3, this is what my TV showed:

Black Ops runs 1080p??? My tv is showing this...

sam22362983d ago

@lazysey: No, the game's just an overhyped fuck-up.

scar202983d ago

In the state this games in rite now it deserves a 0/5 until they fix the ps3 lag and spawn systems.

RXL2983d ago

i think im the only one of my friends who's still playing MW1

oh well..

scar202983d ago

I actually went back to it cuz of all the bs on black ops.

vickers5002983d ago

Oh shut up and go play an actual game already. You've been trolling Black Ops threads before the game even came out, talking about how it sucks even though it wasn't out and insulting everybody who was looking forward to it and everybody who was going to purchase it because it was by Activision, yet you go and actually BUY it.

You're a hypocrite, plain and simple. Get a life or go play an actual game instead of wasting your pointless existence that no one cares about posting stupid comments that are completely irrelevant.

Your little 13 year old internet friends who agree with your comments may think you're cool, but you're not, you're just a sad and pathetic human being.

irepbtown2983d ago

Vickers, i play Black Ops, Completed Campaign on Wednesday (Day after it came out). Been playing online since and its Disappointing.
I'm playing COD4 right now aswell.

Black Ops is a terrible game. Get over yourself.

vickers5002983d ago

That wasn't my point, something you would have known if you had actually read my comment. I'm telling Scar to just shut up because he has done nothing but troll and insult people in Black Ops articles, BEFORE THE GAME WAS EVEN OUT also. Whether or not YOU think the game is bad is irrelevant. My point is that this childish moron needs to learn to grow up and accept that people have different opinions. It's fine if people don't like the game, I have no problem with that, but to insult the people who do like it and to continue to go into the comments and say the game sucks is just one of the lowest, most pathetic things you can do on this site. This has nothing to do with the quality of the game, so I suggest you read before you type.

It's disappointing to you, and it's only your opinion that it's a terrible game. You're not an authority on quality and your opinion is not fact.

It's extremely sad that "tastes" and "opinions" still have to be explained to people like you and scar.

Get over yourself and stop defending this disrespectful immature little brat.

dgroundwater2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I still pick up up and play a few rounds. It's the best CoD ever by all standards. It's very odd to get messages saying "you're still playing THAT old game?"

Meanwhile it says the are playing team deathmatch on some fairground level in MW2

Xander7562983d ago

If you mean CoD4 then I still play that too! It's definitely the best one out of the series by far. If only they would balance the M16...

plumber152983d ago

i still play cod 3 online i love it single shot guns make people learn some skill in stead of pray and spray

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josephayal2983d ago

best review ive ever seen

chilled2m2983d ago

It agrees with my narrow viewpoint, therefore it is the best review I've ever seen!

JeffGUNZ2983d ago

Really? I think it was terrible. They guy said it brought nothing new to call of duty franchise. Really? How baout wager matches, COD Points, theatre mode, compelte overhaul on customization. I mean those are only a few new things that are very different and exciting to the COD franchise.

I play the 360 version, so I can't speak for the PC or PS3 version, but my friends and I are having a blast playing this game and I think it is one of the best COD's next to COD4.

Xander7562982d ago

All that stuff could have been released in DLC expansion JeffGunz, there is no reason to base your whole game off a couple new game modes.

JeffGUNZ2982d ago

Isn't that lake saying saying Killzone 3 should just be released as an expansion, or any sequel for that matter? Do the math, 14 maps, zombies, new single player campaign (8 hours), dead ops, new weapons, new perks, COD points, wager matches, theatre mode, completely new customization. You really think they are going to sell ALL that for the price of an expansion. ALSO, you know how large that download will be. Get out of here, that's just ridiculous. For a sequel, treyarch delivered a TON of content and revitilized this series.

What is with the call of duty hate from some people? I mean, come on. Look at all that stuff. Didn't you read the article that treyarch removed gore (limbs being blown off) in the multiplayer because of all the content and space already used? What else should they have added to make this sequel worth a purchase of a new game? I mean really, the logic here is juvenile at best.

Xander7562982d ago

All it is is new maps, new guns, and new game modes. That sounds more like DLC than a game.

belal2983d ago

of the ps3 version, it will be the best cod game released after mw1. this game has so much content: zombies,wager,dead ops arcade, online and a great singleplayer.

remove the lag, and better matchmaking and you have a cod game that is mileeees better than mw2 and comparable to mw1.
until then, this game is no more thatn a 7/10, and a 9 of then when all issues are out.

JeffGUNZ2983d ago

Did they say what the deal with the PS3 version is? I really haven't hit any problems with connection or lag on the 360 version. I hope they fix that issue for all the PS3 users because like you said, the game is jam-packed with quality content.

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