New Tomb Raider Game Leaked, Coming 2011, Revealed In Next Month's Game Informer

SystemLink: "And here's another one. A week ago, we exclusively revealed that Hitman 5 was on the way in 2011. Now, we can once again exclusively reveal that a new Tomb Raider is in development, and is due to come out next year. But that's not all we found."

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jammy_702984d ago

Even now it's one of my greatest games ever love it so much, classic!

Scary692983d ago

As long as it is not like the one in the PSN/360 store I will buy it.

pedrami912984d ago

..............Will there be Dinosaurs ?

PhilipLarkin2984d ago

AND TIGARS! (purposeful misspelling)

Convas2984d ago

And large breasts and tight booty shorts?!?!

PrimordialSoupBase2984d ago

Open world is a perfect fit for Tomb Raider's exploration.

ExplosionSauce2984d ago

While I do like the idea, I hope it's not a complete sandbox type of game.

Quagmire2983d ago

Something along the lines of Bioshock or Darksiders, not entirely open world, but not entirely linear either.

hot4play2983d ago

Have you played Minecraft?

Imagine the survival/crafting elements of that sandbox game incorporated with Tomb Raider's lush environments...I think that would be immersive... :)

3nd3rth32984d ago

Which just so happens to be a lot of speculation... OK, are game "writers" even out of high school yet? There is a lot of speculation that the next GameInformer cover deals with the new Tomb Raider. Saying that it does, and publishing it, is by no means a reveal.
Do you have a legitimate source? No.
Do you have official word? No.
In fact, all that's being done is preempting an assertion on the speculation of the GameInformer cover, which is probably correct, but which can not, by any means, be deemed as journalism.
Should have called Crystal Dynamics, or whoever is developing the game, and asked for an official statement, at which point you could even publish a "No Comment" and your post would have had more merit.

Kurisu2984d ago

Yet she never once mentioned being stranded on a Japanese Island in any of the games or films! Cool concept, though, but TRUE Tomb Raider fans probably won't like it too much.

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The story is too old to be commented.