Unreasonable GamerCast: Episode 19

TheShape, Velius and EttenCo managed to put down Black Ops for a minute to or two to record the Unreasonable GamerCast. Its a quick discussion on Borderlands Robot Revolution before we breeze over Saw II and Fallout, and then decide to spend an hour or so going over Call of Duty Black Ops with a fine tooth comb.

After that its onto the news as we talk Final Fantasy meeting Mario, SuperStars V8 racing giving away GT5, Sonic colors not sucking, the L.A. Noire trailer, Super Meat Boy hitting the PC, Black Ops day 1 sales, Hulu plus, Fallout New Vegas patches, THQ’s project 40 dollars, MachineGames new IDTECH5 game, it is so not on like Donkey Kong, and finally Vaicom dumping Harmonix.

TheShape rounds out with an update on the Battle Royale situation.

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