Give a Pre-Owned Game a New Home - 8 Must-Buy Ridiculously Cheap Games

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "Some games you just have to get on the day they're out. You just do. That said, a few games may be on your radar, but you feel you can wait for them a bit longer. You'll probably still buy them brand new, just for the feeling of having something that no-one else has had before. Now I've said it before and I'll say it again - gaming is not a cheap hobby. This is why pre-owned games are a fantastic way to make your money go further. You're getting the same game you would of purchased brand new with sometimes huge reductions. What's not to love? This blog is here to showcase some of the fantastic bargains that can now be purchased for a fraction of their original price, complete with details about the game and why it is such a steal..."

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Cajun Chicken2988d ago

I can get behind this, Jak 2 is one of the greatest console games of all time.

TheLastGuardian2987d ago

I never knew Jak 2 had a subtitle in the UK.

Hideo_Kojima2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Jak 2 Mak 2....

I bought inFamous for £7 3 days ago best value for money in any video game I have ever bought.

And once I complete both story paths I will take it back to the same shop and exchange it for Warhawk for free for its split screen capabilities.

I am forgetting that I am getting my pre ordered GT5 in about a week.

metsgaming2987d ago

hopefully they will make a jak and daxter hd remake, i think ND handed off the rights to another dev, in this case it may be a good thing so ND can focus on uncharted 3.

Urmomlol2988d ago

I was in total agreeing with you until Perfect Dark Zero popped up. That game sucked.

gamerdude1322987d ago

I thought it did, but the bot matches made up for it. I love me some bot matches.

Blaine2987d ago

Don't care much for the other games on the list, but I definitely add Dead Space. If you haven't played that game, pick it up cheap now--I guarantee you won't regret it!

RXL2987d ago

Uncharted 2. Nuff' Said.

dirthurts2987d ago

20 bucks. Grab em while you can!

iamgoatman2987d ago

I picked up AC2 from GAME about a month ago, was the only one in store and I thought at the time that they'd marked it wrong, also used my remaining game points and got it for £7.50, bargain!

I've also picked up The Darkness for like £3 also from Game. But probably the best deal I've had is the first Company of Heroes for 1p from the Amazon marketplace. The postage was £1.99 but thats still pretty darn good!

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