Dead Nation Launch n' Brain Munchin'

IGN: When news broke of a zombie game being worked on by the studio behind Super Stardust HD, we got pretty excited. Stardust is one of the greatest PlayStation 3 games -- No. 22 by our list -- and PlayStation 3 fans have been left in the cold by the most prominent zombie shooter in modern times (Why, Valve?!), so it would only make sense that Dead Nation would be a game to watch.

However, since its announcement, Dead Nation has been quiet. Halloween came and went without so much as a peep on this online, co-op, twin-stick zombie shooter. Today that changed with official word that the game is coming to the PlayStation Network Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010. Still, that's two weeks away and we've got a lot of pent up questions about this title, so we found Harri Tikkanen, creative director at Housemarque, and started beating on his boarded up doors and windows for answers.

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