TQcast: Dead Nation PSN Review

TQcast writes: Another zombie shooter, great. It seems like video game developers have lost their originality when it comes to developing unique games for us to indulge in. Dead Nation is a top down shooter from the same team that brought us Super Stardust HD. After spending hours with Dead Nation I can tell you if this game breaks the mold when it comes to zombie games or if it’s just another zombie game clone.

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So, it have Multiplayer online, but only works for PSN friends, not Matchmaking available.

Wonder why they didn't include matchmaking.

UNCyrus2989d ago

That's a terrible reason to knock off 1.5 points. The game is incredible

KiRBY30002989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

"I was really looking forward to playing this online with someone only to find out that I could only invite my friends to play, all of whom don’t have this game."

i dont understand. he wants to play the game online with someone who doesnt have the game? that doesnt make any sense.


ok i get it now. but, you dont review a game that isnt released to complain that you cant play it with your friends because its not... released.

cant wait to try co-op with my friends.

ddurand12989d ago

meaning you cant match up with a random person to go co-op. i dont understand what was so tricky about that sentence.

Neckbear2989d ago

He meant that he wanted to play the game online with some random guy, only to find out that he could only play with his friends, all those who do NOT own the game.

Reading comprehension, bro. That line couldn't be clearer.

KiRBY30002989d ago

easy guys, english isnt my 1st language.

ThatIrishGamer2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

because it's not out yet?


I went online for a GT race. . . but couldn't find anyone online! 2/10! Nice one GT! :(

Kamikaze1352989d ago

Yeah, but what if none of your friends who own it are online or what if none of your friends buy it and you want to play online? Then you're screwed.

ThatIrishGamer2989d ago

You play the great single player, or get a friend over and split screen. The reviewer is a douche and is getting in a flap over nothing.

If a friend doesn't own it then account share him it. Didn't mr Sony say we could?

machete squad steve2989d ago

Prob to drum up sales, you know force your friends to buy it so you can play muti.

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raztad2989d ago

This is what you need to know:

"Final Thoughts: Dead Nation is an awesome game. It will give you many hours of gameplay considering it has 4 difficulty levels. Dead Nation is one of the best top down shooters that I have played in a long time, and I will definitely be putting in some more hours."

$15 Awesome game = day one purchase.

WildArmed2989d ago

Exactly what went through my mind when I read that.
I dont think his opinion is translated well into the score.

BYE2989d ago

Too bad, I had high hopes on this one.

KiRBY30002989d ago

1 review and you change your mind?

cwir2989d ago

read it first. the score doesn't reflect the review completely

wicko2989d ago

Really? Complaining about matchmaking? The game wasn't even going to have online coop for the longest time, but they were able to squeeze it in. I'm just thankful there is online coop.

-Alpha2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I don't really care for a light zombie game, personally I was hoping for Super Stardust HD 2. Awesome game, still play it to this day, a sequel would be so nice to see.

I may get this regardless since it's from HM, but I am still rooting for a SSHD2

kanetheking2989d ago

come on ppl if you don't like something don't go on it.

ZombieAssassin2989d ago

Maybe because he likes the developer and other games they make, believe me it's better to have him here saying the things he did than some troll who doesn't care.

ONTOPIC: The game looks solid and will be buying it the day it comes out, kinda sucks about the online match making but good thing I know people who plan on picking it up...but who knows maybe they'll patch it.

kanetheking2989d ago

it be like me going private Ryan is the best movie ever and then bitching that i dislike E.T.

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