Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Will Take Overpriced DLC Over Online Pass System Any Day

Kotick: Online Passes Aren't "in the best interest of the gamer"

In a recent interview, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick claimed the publisher is not interested in introducing any type of online pass system to increase revenues from the trade-in market.

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Kain812986d ago

Payed DLC Aren't "in the best interest of the gamer" too, let alone overpriced DLC...

-Alpha2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

COD DLC is not overpriced, just expensive.

No one has a problem paying $6 for two Killzone 2 maps, or $10 for 3 Halo Maps ($1 more than normal) or $10 for the Variety Map Pack in CoD4. The justification? "Devs work hard on these new maps, they have to support their families"

COD maps are priced no differently. $3/map. If you disagree here, is my math wrong? Or do you just not like COD? To say it is overpriced is illogical if you justified paying for any other map DLC costing around $3/map.

If you don't enjoy COD, you obviously wont like the DLC pricing. But they are no differently priced than any other map pack I have seen. While MW2 offered 5 maps, most other games offer usually 3, again, for the same rate.

And before you say "the last two are from CoD4" that doesn't mean they weren't remade and brought in for a different game.

As for online passes, EA is not innocent either. You have to understand that when you are on top, you will be a little more aggressive because you have the top product that everybody is buying. The second rate competition have no choice but to offer a free venue.

Do you really think Sony and EA don't want to make mad profits like MS and Activision?

It's just a business strategy. "Hey, these guys charge, we offer it for free!"

I lost complete faith when BC2 started giving withheld content as "Free DLC".

Note that as soon as Black Ops releases they announce actual free content. I can't wait to pop back BC2 to play the classic BC1 maps. But this is nothing more than having a good strategy, the timing of Oasis and Harvest Day maps is no coincidence.

jdktech20102985d ago

I've been saying since the first batch of DLC came out for fact it's a better deal because it's a bit over 3 bucks a map on the Halo maps

-Alpha2985d ago

Yup, it's actually a better deal-- you end up saving a buck. But of course, I'm just a COD sheep who supports Satan /s

skrug2985d ago

sorry your math is wrong
$6/2 = $3
$10/3 = $3.33

BBCnewsrocks2985d ago

OMG! 33 fucking cents. That's really gonna break the bank.

Apocwhen2985d ago

Well said Alpha-Male22. Agree with everything you said.

Everyone has to choice of not purchasing it too.

betrayed gamer2985d ago

but cant the maps in halo be edited and posted? so dont u get more in the halo maps over all with the customization?

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TheLastGuardian2985d ago

Overpriced DLC, Online pass, I'm surprised thosed greedy pricks at activision don't do both.

BBCnewsrocks2985d ago

online pass is the reason I've decided to boycott EA online games. Sad, since hot pursuit looks soo good.

Nate-Dog2986d ago

We'll see Bobby, we'll see.

scar202985d ago

Haha of course not he will implements both ways to get more money.

KingItachi2985d ago

He is right the sheep keep buying his company's games and keep buying the over priced DLC It's sad to say but this the industry norm.

BBCnewsrocks2985d ago

No matter how much we like to hate on CoD, the fact is that the replay value is amazing so it's pretty unfair to call the DLC overpriced, expensive maybe but they're not overpriced.

2985d ago
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