StarCraft II Breaks Torrent Download Records

Edge: Torrent Freak has posted a list of record-breaking torrent files which includes the largest and oldest torrents recorded. StarCraft II wins the award for the most data transferred.

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SuperStrokey11232987d ago

One game that for sure should never be pirated. Pretty lame

FanboyPunisher2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Activision is greedy, torrent away everyone.

Letros2987d ago

I used a torrent to dload it after I purchased it because Blizzard downloader is a complete joke, was going at 60 Kb/s.

Maybe I'm alone in this, maybe I'm not, /shrug.

Pandamobile2987d ago

But it sold umpteen million units, so I doubt Blizzard are really hurting over this.