How An Australian Man Nearly Ruined Black Ops For Me

Kotaku: "I didn't enjoy Black Ops as much as some others did, but it was still a pretty good shooter. Oh, except for the fact that a single casting decision nearly ruined the game for me.

In the lead-up to the game's release, publisher Activision was strangely quiet when it came to Black Ops' roster of Hollywood actors lending their talents to the game. A single press release was issued bringing attention to Gary Oldman and Ed Harris' participation, but that was about it."

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gypsygib2983d ago

John Marston was great in Black-ops

gaden_malak2983d ago

How can you hate Worthington?

ThatArtGuy2983d ago

His performances in Terminator, Avatar, and Titans was completely forgettable. I wouldn't say that I hate him though. I'm simply indifferent. I just hope he stays out of any good movies.

NCAzrael2983d ago

While I would never hold my breath for him to win an Academy Award anytime soon, I would never call any of his roles forgettable or horrible in any way. In Avatar I think all of the performances kind of take a back seat to the visuals. Terminator and Titans, while being acceptable as pure action movies, fell flat mostly due to crappy writing. I for one like Sam Worthington as an actor, and I look forward to seeing what else he'll do in his career.

Headquarters112983d ago

No maaames guey, no maaanches.

BeOneWithTheGun2983d ago

I keep waiting for him to bust into a rap or something. He's a talented rapper and I like his movies but as a voice over for a war game? No.

gypsygib2983d ago

Thank you! They should have gotten Morgan Freeman or the guy from the matrix or some black guy who speaks like a normal black guy.

And no one talked like a rapper in the 60s, black people were mostly normal Americans trying to join mainstream society, albeit with great difficulty (hey maybe that's why so many confuse rap culture with black culture when true black culture is simply American culture - everyones contribution). Sure they had various accents, but it wasn't a due to a freakin musical preference, it was more so to do with a region just like other people.

You think hiphop gamer would speak the way he does if his favourite music was rock or disco, no way! It's all so fake, accent should be dictated by where you grew up more than your music preference.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2983d ago

your comment is full of stupidity .

NCAzrael2983d ago


Actually his comment is very spot on. The whole urbanite, hip-hop, ebonics spin on the american accent is more of a recent trend. Granted, a good deal of the diversion in enunciation started in the late 60s and early 70s, but it was more of the "jive talking" style of speech that became pretty wide spread towards the end of the 70s. Back then nobody "axed" anybody a question.

Bolts2983d ago

Dead. On. The black guy in this game talks like he grew up in the hood and raid the shops during the LA riots or some bullshit like that. Black people in the 60-70s do not sound like this. They have the right stereotype but the wrong F-ing decade.

Bathyj2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I can understand how a voice can ruin it for you if you have an issue with it.

Sam didnt bother me, but Marcus Fenix sh*ts me to tears. I dont remember it being so bad in Gears 1 but I cant play Gear 2, its too annoying.

The strange thing is I love John Dimaggio but in Gears 2 he's just too grisly and cliched, I cant stand it.

gypsygib2983d ago

Isn't Ludacris or Drake in the next one too. I bet they'll talk using a 12 yr olds slang even though the character will be in his 20-40s. They may as well get Marcus from the PSP commercials if that's the case.

VenomProject2983d ago

Marcus, PSP - Step ya game up!

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