Gaming's Best Assassins

"He may have girl’s hair and a horrifically stereotypical wiseguy accent, but Jackie Estacado is the epitome of what make assassins so endearing. He’s as hard as nails, has no qualms about getting his hands dirty, but he’s massively flawed. We see him succumb to The Darkness, share bittersweet quality time with his lady and fall deeper into despair as the ghoulish entity consumes him further. The Darkness may be his biggest enemy, but he also can't live without it. Cracking character indeed."

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Nate-Dog2987d ago

I dunno if I'd class him as an "assassin" though which is my problem with it. I mean even in MGS he was always looking for a fair fight with Snake and got his fist fight with him.

I'm finding it hard to exactly say what I mean but I suppose it's down to each's interpretation of the word. He was indeed swift and silent with a lot of his actions so I could be wrong.

Shadow Flare2987d ago

You're right, I don't view him as an assassin either. Ezio and Altair was all about killing targets without them knowing, but like you said, grey fox wanted to fight Snake with honour and fight fairly. And besides that, an assassins job is to assassinate. An assassin is ordered by someone to kill someone. Grey Fox had no superior or any target to assassinate. He was a cyborg ninja, not an assassin

cranium2987d ago

Gray Fox is more of a "warrior" because he just wanted a fair fight to the death. Snake however, could be classified as an assassin moreso than Fox because he was sent by the Pentagon to (and succeeded in) assassinate everyone in the FOXHOUND unit, even if he had no knowledge of any of it.

VersusEM2987d ago

Assassin's Creed, Both of them(can't think of their names right now)

AlienFodder2987d ago

Altair (AC I) and Ezio Auditore da Firenze (AC II).

R2D22987d ago

Altair does not hold a candle against Ryu Hyabusa.

cranium2987d ago

That's because Ryu is a freaking ninja. That automatically trumps pretty much anything else in terms of awesomeness.

C L O U D2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I never really seen Grey Fox as an assassin, Cyborg Raiden maybe because he had the scout skills.

But Agent 47, if you do the missions perfect. Is one of the ultimate.

*I love how when you have a pistol equipped he automatically conceal it behind him at his back*

Urmomlol2987d ago

This is the first Now Gamer article that I've read in months that I didn't think "wow, what a half-assed piece of junk."

Pretty decent work, Now Gamer.

Cajun Chicken2987d ago

Travis Touchdown is the greatest anti-hero since Kratos. Fact.

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