Dead Rising 3: Capcom talks digital 'bridge'

Capcom has told CVG that Dead Rising 3 is likely to directly continue the narrative of its hugely successful predecessor - and that another digital 'prologue' is all but guaranteed.

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Igneel2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

The 'N' is back. If Capcom Makes DR3 they should take some Ques from The Walking Dead TV show and Incorporate a Multiplayer Based Campaign mode into the game. That would really make the experience better. really enjoyed the Case Zero DLC aswell. Wish it was longer though. Great stuff.

Man In Black2989d ago

If they do this, then put the content on PS3 aswell, and don't give some bullshit excuse for not doing so.

Weaksauce11382989d ago

Capcom obviously has no concept of proper storytelling. Or maybe they are faking inept to cash in on DLC?

Rhezin2990d ago

a competitive mode would be pointless for that game. And the walking dead TV show is cool, but obviously not as good as the comic. The comic is leagues better, and it will continue to be as long as this series keeps dragging things out and keeps deviating from the comic.

cemelc2989d ago

Until i see where the series is going i dont think is fair to just say the comic is better

ThanatosDMC2990d ago

I dont care if they milk Dead Rising franchise since it's for fun and stupidity anyway. Just put more zombies on screen and give me lots of weapon choices.

Btw, did you guys notice it's easier to survive on DR2 compared to DR1? DR1 zombies can actually kill you compared to stupid DR2 zombies.

mushroomwig2990d ago

Dead Rising 2 for me was so much easier than the first. Better A.I when dealing with survivors as well.

For all the hours I played DR2 I can't even recall being killed by the zombies themselves, only the psychos and the end boss.

Chillbilly2990d ago

I just copyrighted the word 'bridgital'

jay22989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

M$ has paid us $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to make more exclusive DLC's that PS3 onwers will never have for D.R 3, leaving PS3 owners suffering yet again.

Can't wait for D.R3 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.