Too Human on track, keeping Unreal Engine

Over the weekend, rumors spread that Too Human had hit a major development snag. Word was the makers of the Norse-mythology-inspired sci-fi Xbox 360 game were discontinuing use of the Unreal Engine 3 in favor of an all-new proprietary engine. The alleged reason for Too Human losing Unreal Engine was that it was not running well on the 360, even though it is the basis for Gears of War and Mass Effect, two of the most visually complex games in development for the platform.

Today, Microsoft reps sent GameSpot a statement from Dyack strongly denying that Too Human was ditching the Unreal Engine or that it was in development limbo.

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Islandkiwi5384d ago

This is one of those games I am forcing, by strength of will, to become a great game. A game with Norse mythology, coupled with futuristic technology, and it ends up somehow sucking? I will not allow such a thing to occur. Better it fall back into the void, like Duke Nukem, than be released in a crappy version.

silent ninja5384d ago

......but still they should have developed their on engine. i hope they do that with the seqaul

anyway this game had a poor presenation at e3 until i see that the game has improved i won't fall the hype

just wondering was ox05 trailer of too human in-game or cgi???

mafia9105384d ago

everything Silicon Knights has shown of Too Human has been in-game. I know the game looked bad at e3, but Silicon Knights have never made a bad game and with their "dream project" I certainly expect no less.

ACE5383d ago

they NEVER make $hit games ,,,,
hmmmmm more crap rumors , prob from a sony fan boy , wouldnt suprise me ....

this game is gona be amazing WHEN finished