SG Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Sarcastic Gamer sets its sights on Black Ops with a full review.

From the review: "Here we are. Another year and another Call of Duty. This year, Treyarch has decided to go to the most unpopular war in United States history in order to sell video games. With the 60′s era weaponry and Cold War setting, Treyarch brought with them a much more restrained, yet engrossing multiplayer and of course, Nazi Zombies…

Do these seemingly disparate parts work together to form a cohesive video game that is worth your purchase? Let’s examine the sum of its parts, after the jump."

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-Mezzo-2988d ago

Great Review, as i was expecting, I just got the game today & i am having a blast so far, haven't touched the Campaign mode yet.

scar202988d ago

This game is a piece of sh*t until they get all they're crap together.