N-Control Avenger Attachment “Can Make The Worst Player Win”

Attachments and third-party doodads are a hot commodity in the gaming world. They’re cheap to produce and companies can make a huge profit on a piece of plastic. Xbox 360 controllers are no different. We have seen a massive amount of mods, improved thumb sticks, etc. Today, the N-Control Avenger wins the prize for the most outrageous attachment I have seen on a controller.

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KingNintendoFanboy2985d ago

This thing looks like a complete mess. I'd never buy it and I don't believe that it would give players nearly as much of an advantage as the ad claims.

vicious69832985d ago

Nobody is going to buy this lol. I'd love to get my hands on this space age technology!

Tazman042985d ago

Next is mentally controlled buttons. Own other with your thoughts!