10 Most Addictive Games This Generation

GB: "Franchises like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Grand Theft Auto, and more recently, Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed have become synonymous with the word “addictive.” Addictive means the ability a game (in this case) has to hook you to it so badly that one cannot stop but thinking about going back to the game and keep on playing it. Very few games can claim to be addictive in true sense of the words. And those that do have that attribute are very tough to put down, and stick out in our memories for very prolonged periods of time."

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joydestroy2984d ago

yup i'm glad it made the list. a little over 64hrs on 360 and now i'm playing through it again on pc =P

green2984d ago

I played ME1 4 times and loved the game more each time i completed it. Played ME2 suicide mission 3 times, 3rd time being my 2nd play through.

Got all DLC's for both games but got to say that Shadow Broker DLC is one of the i take that back, its the best DLC i have ever bought.

kaveti66162984d ago

"3rd time being my 2nd play through."

That's impossible.

How could the 3rd time you play it on suicide mode be the second time you play the game overall?

Blacktric2984d ago

He replayed the whole section by using one of his saves maybe?

green2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"He replayed the whole section by using one of his saves maybe" Exactly what i did.

I played the game the 1st time, made a save before i played the suicide mission and lost 5 crew members. So went back to that save, played some extra missions to get the Normandys upgrades and lost only Miranda.

Started a new save on Insanity, played all the side missions, maxed out all my Characters and Weapons and did not loose any one in the Suicide mission.

Hope that explains it.

PS360fanboy2984d ago

Mass Effect, easily. Best game this generation so far. Proof that a great story and environment is all it takes to make a great game.

frostypants2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Mass Effect was good, but the rover-driving stuff kills its re-playability. ME2 on the other hand is great.

It's tied with Demon's Souls and maybe Uncharted 2 as my favorite game this gen.

THE most addictive game of all f*cking time is of course Mario Kart 64.

BillOreilly2984d ago

Yea mass effect, then mass effect 2, the most addictive games this gen. I was hooked on lost odyssey for the longest time trying to get all the hidden bosses/weapons exc. Right now i am addicted to divinity 2. I love leveling up, getting skills, exploring, and messing with my battle tower. Good stuff.

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halocursed2984d ago

StarCraft 2 for me..still playing it and will play it for the next 10 years.

Nihilism2984d ago

I've already been playing Starcraft 2 for the last 10 years, it's just called starcraft.

Reskin ftl.

Valay2984d ago

I seriously loved Chinatown Wars!

LoaMcLoa2984d ago

Cartman loves it even more ;D

Nate-Dog2984d ago

Agreed about ACII. Man at the time I played it it was probably the most immersive game I had played in years, I'd play it about 5 hours a time, so worth it.

Disagree on FIFA though. I found FIFA 10 more fun, FIFA 11 feels like the same game to me so I felt it was a waste.

gameseveryday2984d ago

I spent nearly 80 hours in to the game. I was surprised by the amount of content that Ubisoft had put in. It was almost like a RPG experience.

Rage_S902984d ago

this is coming from some1 whos got the plat the platforming was horrible kept jumping of the buildings combat was horrible and boring the story was bullsh*t.

the town building thing and weapons were done wrong as in you always had wayyyy to much money once you were half way in the game, oh and the stealth sections didn't work properly.....

there is more but i cant be bothered to type this is my opinion of course

Nate-Dog2984d ago

Fair enough, I know a lot of people didn't enjoy it. I dunno what it was about it but I just loved the game. It was still a bit repetitive like ACI indeed but I looked past that because I just enjoyed everything else about the game so much.

cyborg2984d ago

remains minesweeper :\

Nihilism2984d ago

na-uh mousetrap ftw.

( ahh windows were good to me )