UbiSoft sales up; still records €89.8 loss

UbiSoft's sales figures are up 57%, bringing in a total of €260 million. But they've still recorded a loss of €89.8 million, according to a report detailing its first-half 2010/2011 results.

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Neckbear2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

If they're losin' money, they're doing it wrong.

I mean, hell, don't they hire specialists for this kind of crap? Cut off some salaries, reuse engines, give smaller budgets- it's not THAT hard.

Then again, with such a big company as Ubisoft, I can see why they wouldn't do it- among other things.

kaveti66162984d ago

what? you want them to reuse engines and have smaller budgets for games?

So then you can bash Ubisoft for reusing engines and not putting more money into their games?

Neckbear2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Actually, I don't mind reused engines for smaller projects, since I believe that artstyle always overcomes technical limitations. (See: Wind Waker, it still looks better than most of the games out there.)

If they gave smaller games a try (Not talking about downloadable games, but games with smaller budget) most of the problems over high-cost development would be forgotten, and they wouldn't bleed money horribly.

Just saying, though.

Magnus2984d ago

Well just baught thenew Assassins Creed that should help them out.

PS3Freak2984d ago

There next report will be better, with Assassins creed coming out. Then when GRAW comes out it will help them as well.

N4Great2984d ago

eurogamer, 5 millions, gamepro, 5 millions, etc...

10/10 are not cheaps this day, thanks to microsoft generous marketing :)

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