Why Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the most half-assed sequel I’ve ever played

GamesRadar: "I recently finished the Force Unleased II. While I wasn't a huge fan of the original game, I still appreciated that it was a fairly solid action game which mostly nailed the feeling of being a Midichlorian-powered murderer. So I came into the sequel fully expecting an improvement on what I'd always considered to be a 7/10 title."

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago

Lucas should just let Bioware handle the Star Wars license

Game-ur2985d ago

The first fit in nicely just before a New Hope, to dig even deeper is over-complicating things, and the clone thing is over-done.

They should have used another time-line and another year of game development.

showtimefolks2985d ago

to try to fol people into buying a aight game they shoudl spend that money into making the game content better

also i agree bioware needs to make the new games in this franchise but how many IP's could bioware handle at once

Ares84PS32985d ago

On Topic:

I loved the first Force Unleashed and the demo of the second one was pretty awesome in my opinion. I will get this game really soon.

ECM0NEY2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

aight is slang for all right

Ares84PS32985d ago

Thanks for the clarification!

It sounds idiotic to be honest. I mean....aight. One must be a moron to use such a "word".

showtimefolks2985d ago

its a man made word that i use instead of alright

aight its tight

Dark_king2985d ago

First all words are man made.But its not a word its slang.

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jdktech20102985d ago

Wouldn't be bad but we would never get an action game....TFU is a great idea but executed poorly imo.

Bioware is great at RPGs but I don't trust them with straight up action games like I wanted out of the force unleashed

That being said, the Old Republic comes out soon and good times will be had

JBaby3432985d ago

For RPGs Bioware is great but for simulation based gameplay I don't think so. I was truly disappointed with how this game turned out considering how much I loved the first.

NewZealander2985d ago

i finished it in six hours, i wasn't even trying so i could probably finish it in five, thats way to short, and the characters and story were so bland,

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gamerdude1322985d ago

Yep. And @At Nyc_Gamer... yep.

OSU_Gamer2985d ago

I'll see your Force Unleashed 2, and raise you one Crackdown 2.

showtimefolks2985d ago

i mean MS you ahve a good first game and a good new IP in your hands and that's how you improve on teh sequel

uncharted 1 to uncharted 2
infamous 1 to infamous 2
killzone 2 to killzone 3

i could go on and on

tmoss7262985d ago

Infamous 2 and Killzone 3 aren't even out....Plus the original developer of the first Crackdown didn't make the 2nd.

sam22362985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

@showtimefolks: Did you really have to bring out the fanboyism? BTW, KZ3 and Infamous 2 aren't out yet. You can't say they 'improve on the sequal'. Yeah, they look good and they've changed alot compared to KZ2 and Infamous, but they could be shit for all you know. You can't say a game is good just by looking at vids and pics. Two Worlds, Alan Wake, Haze and Terminator Salvation all looked good before they were released, but turned out to be garbage.

Oh and seems that you brought up KZ3 and Infamous 2, I hope to Christ they improve upon Infamous and KZ2 because those two games were boring as fuck and way too overhyped.

Xfanboy2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

do you have to troll in a multiplate article ?

showtimefolks2985d ago

what the hell are you smoking man

Two Worlds, Alan Wake, Haze and Terminator Salvation all looked good before they were released, but turned out to be garbage.

any of those devs have a history of making AAA games?

GG's kz2 was their first AAA game but any gamer who has tested the beta and played KZ2 knows its better,bigger and improved in many way controls for one for some poeple who couldn't handle weight controls

i stand by what i said


so even though infamous 1 and KZ2 were great games and many gaming sites who have played the early builts have said both are looking like improved games are morons and few of you starwar fans are genius

MS knew about crackdown they should have done a better job


yeh now make a point

Convas2985d ago

Whoa whoa whoa. Alan Wake was garbage? inFamous was boring?!? The hell?

There's the door, now get the f*ck out.

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Killed4Less2985d ago

You beat me too it OSU totally agree with you on that.

hazelamy2985d ago

i was going to bring that one up, but you saved me the effort. :)

NBT912985d ago

I didn't play the first, but I though Force Unleashed 2 was great, a bit short but fantastic while it lasted.

JBaby3432985d ago

If you liked TFUII that much you should definitely play the first. It is exponentially better. The mechanics, story, characters, length, use/look of force powers. Just was glitchy.

Seriously pick it up when you get a chance.

Xfanboy2985d ago

lol ff14 must be full ass then.

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