Inability to Change Wheels on “Standard Cars” in Gran Turismo 5 is Fairly Preposterous

"Gran Turismo 5 is a little more than a week away, which has many gamers writhing with excitement. Gorgeous graphics, tons of cars and hundreds of customizable options are sure to make this one of the more impressive games this generation. However, one option is missing in Gran Turismo 5, and I’m a little ticked about it."

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zootang2985d ago

NFS is for the modding community. Gran Turismo is for the sim driving community hence being able to change all tires. Flashy rims make your lap times slower (unless they are lightweight race rims).

UnwanteDreamz2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

NFS is for modding and you only got less than 100 cars in NFS Shift to change rims on.

It would have been nice to be able to change the rims on the other 800 cars in the game but I think I can live with 200 or so.

DERKADER2985d ago

Instead of 40+ Skylines and 100+ Mazdas they should have made more Premium version of cars. Quality is better then quantity. None the less this is still one of the most elaborate car list in any game.

raztad2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Let us be real. Probably the feature couldnt make into the game for undisclosed reasons. Obviously not the optimum scenery, but that is the way it is. If 200+ premium cars dont satisfy your modding interests you might very well not buy the game, and look forward for alternatives. Complaining not gonna do much at this point.

Each PREMIUM car takes 6months to model. Unparalleled level of detail. Standard cars are uprezed and retextured cars, not remodeling, not added details. Fast and easy.

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nickjkl2985d ago

hey derk you know mazda makes

mazda 2
mazda 3
mazda 6
mx 5 miata
rx 8
mazda speed 3
mazda 5
cx 7
and the cx9 and those are the cars that are out now

jjohan352985d ago

My goodness, does it bother people that they can't place a flower on the dash of 1000+ cars?

Perjoss2985d ago

"It only does everything"
(except change wheels on standard cars)

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himdeel2985d ago

It's the sound of straws being grasp :)

PhoenixDevil2985d ago

Whats more important, wheels or tyres, providing you can change the tyres its ok. If you can see and enjoy the beauty of the rims while driving along then all the power to you, i'll b focusing on the road

Dirk Benedict2985d ago

you're a prime example of "nothing perfect" not even nature.

hot4play2984d ago

It is slightly disappointing. But this is getting blown way out of proportion. There are the "premium" cars to toy around with anyway.

GT5's attention to detail in other aspects of the game outweigh this "issue".

Though I'm still curious as to why Yamauchi-san wasn't able to implement this feature in the standard cars...

Dee_912984d ago

had to leave something for gt6 amirite ?

Zeevious2984d ago

Once you have the tire model and formula correct, you should be able to apply the code and specifications to any car -- Unless the premium cars really are that...complete with premium per-car adaptive code and the standard cars just pretty much "roll"

Development note:
If I had been developing this I would have at least created one standard universal model that I could plug the specs of a standard car into, and include many of these features of the premium cars including this one.

I'm still enthusiastically looking forward to this...and am starting to feel like when people kept spamming groups with the endings to major game releases for the sole purpose of "ruining the experience"

NOTHING can ruin the GT5 experience for me, and I suspect any other avid racing fan...NOTHING. Certainly not these nit-pick issues that sound exaggerated to me. Like always, I'll wait to judge it myself, not trusting someone else to make my decisions for me.

I will say I'd take a less accurate 'standard' car model for the broad range of premium car features to be spread out over a larger range of cars. I'm also happy for the dedication to perfection shown to what we're getting.

You do need to know when to stop somewhere before the pursuit of complete perfection becomes it's own flaw.

blackmagic2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

There are a number of reasons for changing rims other than a custom look although that in itself is reason enough for many. Stock rims are heavy, only wide enough to support the stock width of tire and often not strong enough to handle the rigors of racing.

You change the rim to reduce the weight of the vehicle, rotational inertia and unsprung weight. You change it to alter the offset and allow you to mount wider tires. You change it so you can mount a stronger more durable rim that will take the abuses of racing.

To me it's preposterous that you can't change the rims especially on this game and it's even more preposterous that the people that have endlessly been posting "the real driving simulator" on every GT5 article for the last 5 plus years are now arguing that it's "not needed" or "just a feature for rice boys" or "get NFS if you want glamour cars". Shows how much people actually know about cars and competitive sport. Apparently, on N4G, the definition of a "real driving simulator" is "pretty". Bring on another photo gallery.

moparful992984d ago

No more often then not people upgrade to larger aftermarket wheels which are heavier then stock wheels most of the time.. Only cars that come with stamped steel rims are the ones that would benefit from aftermarket aluminum wheels.. Car companies usually sinke alot of money, time, and research into developing wheels that offer good width for grip, torque for acceleration, and light for speed on sportier cars.. Why polyphony decided not to allow custom rims on all cars baffles me considering that gt4 allowed it so why can't gt5 but I'm not going to sit here and blow it out of proportion and act like it breaks the game and renders it unplayable... Its dissapointing and baffling not the end of the world.....

blackmagic2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"No more often then not people upgrade to larger aftermarket wheels which are heavier then stock wheels most of the time.."
Ummm... you are obviously talking about the street scene NOT the racing scene. Period.

"Only cars that come with stamped steel rims are the ones that would benefit from aftermarket aluminum wheels.. Car companies usually sinke alot of money, time, and research into developing wheels that offer good width for grip, torque for acceleration, and light for speed on sportier cars.."

Really? In the reality that I live in manufacturers grapple with MANY other factors such as cost, milage and styling which force them to compromise. My track car is an '05 Nissan 350Z. I replaced the 23.3 pound 17x7.5 rims on the front with 14.8 pound 18x9's and I replaced the rear 24.4 pound 17x8 rims with 16.1 pound 18x10's (Buddy Club P1 Racing QF's if you want to know). Despite the fact that I went bigger and wider, I still managed to shave 33.6 pounds off my car's stock rims. I might add that without the rim change I wouldn't have been able to fit the bigger brakes and wider tires on my car either. I guess that better cornering, acceleration and braking that are accomplished by changing my rims aren't very important as long as the game is pretty. Broken. Sorry.

Zeevious2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I was thinking and commenting on this above from a development point of view but as a GAME, I can see better from your comments how this can really affect GT5 and fans looking to the games and as a detailed simulation reflecting every change or adjustment you make to a car.

The thing I still don't understand is why. Once you have the performance specs you should be able to combine them with any vehicle specifications in a simulator and measure the gameplay in this case.

It's really just math: Friction, Torque, Material Properties, Viscocity, PS(kW) Rpm, Boost pressure, Timing, Drag coefficient...Etc...Sounds complicated but almost everything is determined in advance. All games, including GT5 are really just math and code, so why doesn't any tire/rim model just work universally on all cars?

I'll wait for the release to find out how this affects the game for me. From a development point of view I would have made these choices a universal ability, even plugged into any standard car model.

Thanks for the comment from your perspective...I see how this is a larger issue than I had originally considered.

Now I want to see how this affects the game.

- - - - -

Seven days

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iPad2985d ago

i actually doubt people are gonna keep their standard cars. im gonna sell them like everyone else will

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aceitman2985d ago

the reason that gt5 will not get 10's across the board oooohhhh u cant change the rims on all cars 90 out of 100 or 4 out of 5 .

RememberThe3572984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Am I the only one who realizes that GT5 has more standard cars than GT3 had entirely?

GT3 is the most celebrated of the series but I never had an issue with thinking there weren't enough cars to choose from. 200 premium cars is more than enough for me. The standard cars will be nice to fill my garage with.

Also, about the wheels specifically, I never really cared about cosmetics in GT before. It's always been about tuning for me. Being able to mess around with the cosmetics of the car is not going to add much to me play time. I'll be spending more of my time on the practice track trying to get my car to go as fast as possible.

gypsygib2984d ago

I can't respect an article that spell PREPOSTEROUS wrong.

shoddy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

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shoddy2984d ago

•Borrow your trained AI drivers to friends Borrow Your Train AI drivers to friends
•In-game (bulletin-board) message boards In-game (bulletin-board) message boards
•Gran Turismo Video store (Top Gear Show has 350+ million viewers) Gran Turismo Video store (Top Gear Show has 350 + million viewers)
•License Tests! License Tests!
•Individual Photo locations (such as Red bull hanger)! Photo individual locations (Such as Red Bull hanger!)
•Collaboration with Red bull on the X1! Collaboration with Red Bull on the X1!
•One of the best MENU presentation in a game. One of the best presentation in a game MENU.
•Creation of a car that dont exist X1 Creation of a Car That dont exist X1

DigitalAnalog2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

They don't understand why a non-casual franchise like GT is one of the best selling of all time. They think the COD-like audiences are the ones who are making this game successful.

I see the comments in these articles and it's like seeing a WRPG fanatic nitpicking about JRPG's and why they don't have beefed up characters, why they're not in first-person, etc etc.

Guess what, they have always catered to the "hardcore-of-hardcore& ;amp ;quo t;. Everyday gamers like you who breathe COD would always find an excuse to fit your personal taste (/facepalms at NFS comparison). They didn't need you then and they won't need you now. Maybe you are forgetting these are Japanese devs, they design games DIFFERENTLY from Western devs. Most notably.. SIM racing. And so far, the ones that set the standard has ALWAYS been Gran Turismo. You don't like it, don't buy it, the game ain't for you.

-End statement

TK4212984d ago

Focusing on what you can't do in the game as opposed to the thousands of things that you can do is preposterous.

Odin7772984d ago

@blackmagic You're right I don't know much about cars and racing...really I don't care. But the reason this whole wheel thing isn't bothering me is because there are over 200 premium cars to fuck with in that regard...I mean most racing games don't even have 200 cars anyway, so the fact that the standard cars aren't as detailed doesn't really seem like that big of an issue to me.

madpuppy2984d ago

And this, my friends is Proof that no matter how detailed the game is, no matter how much content the developer has provided, there will ALWAYS be someone that is not happy.

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Bounkass2985d ago

Agreed that it is a load of rubbish. Imo, I think they will bring a patch out to sort this out. I think the complaints will be so much, they will have to...

rdgneoz32985d ago

200 or so premium cars and each one took like 6 months of work, and can be modded. Before calling it rubbish, tell me what game has at least 200 cars as detailed in it, as well as having another 800+ cars in it.

Cyrax_872985d ago

The cars are right because of the physics. The extras would be little things, like rims.

This article doesn't surprise me. Expect more of these up until GT5 releases.

"zomg, you can't have 40+ cars in Nascar, fail"
"wtf, no custom rims? fail"
"nitro doesn't work like in NFS, unacceptable"
"wut, 2D trees?! I'm gonna ignore the other 50+ features and compain about trees! wat have PD been doing the last 6 years"?

PhoenixDevil2985d ago

"In a racer you must get the cars right before you add the extras."

yes this is true, like the physics engine on how the car handles or how the brakes n tyres are, there important more important than the wheels

in fairness they got the basics down, changing wheel is more cosmetic

Jeremy Gerard2985d ago

the rims are extra, in the supposed King of racing sims, the rims are a must, it effects weight, handling and performance, you are a troll if you think anything otherwise.

Information Minister2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Ohhh Strikey... Still trolling GT5 articles and then telling people not to mention Forza 3 because they don't know what they're talking about if they haven't played it?

To me, the basics in a racer is the racing and not the ability to change rims, which would be the extras. And I would love to try GT5's basics if you would be kind enough to lend me your copy.

Edit @ Jeremy - Quit fooling yourself. Changing rims is nothing more than a cosmetic change in any racer released so far. Replicating the effects of different rim+tyre sets on the same car would be very difficult and time consuming, not to mention the differences in handling would probably be too small to be noticed by the player (particularly without a racing wheel).

Cyrax_872985d ago

If you wanna change the wheels, drive the premium cars. If we're gonna compare everything standard cars can't do that the premiums can, we'll be here all day.

Bounkass2984d ago

Honestly, I can't... But comeone, even the first Gran Turismo had changeable rims... They can't do that for Gran Turismo 5(NOTE: 5!)? Big fail for me... Premium or not.

moparful992984d ago

Thats a horrible comparisson. First of all rims are purely cosmetic.. In alot of situations they weigh more then the factory rims that came on the car which hurts performance. Rims have no affect on the "controls" of the car and you know it. This is more like in call of duty being able to put a face mask on or change your clothes. As usual you and the other haters that populate the internet found a supposed "weakness" of gt5 and have latched onto it and run to the ends of the earth proclaiming how broken the game is.. STFU and go play something else then.. You dont like it? Tough there are millions of people that come november 24th will be driving cars that don't allow custom rims OHHHHHHH big deal.. Go away..

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Modestmex2984d ago

There wont be any complaints!! You know because of the fanbois!! but deep inside there like wtf!!!

NJShadow2985d ago

I gotta say, I plan to buy the game anyway, but this will probably disappoint folks who want to modify their cars in the game to mimic their real-life cars. That was always one of fun things to do when in the Gran Turismo games. Dream car, real-life car, most powerful car, most modified car. Love it! =p

Pedobear Rocks2985d ago

you can still change your furniture in your HOME apartment.

d3nworth12984d ago

OMG !!!! it's thee pedobear quick hide the kids!!


Now this is relevant?

I mean, for me, there is no problem at all.

I'm just glad and impressed for the massive features GT5 have.

Changing wheels for standard cars is not a problem.

JAMurida2985d ago

Same. I personally don't see how something like this would anger so many people, I almost really wanna call it nit picking. I would say not having a cockpit in the 800+ cars is more of a disappointment. But when you look at the game as a whole, it is still an amazing game.

There will always be someone to say something negative about something though, so whatever.

Modestmex2984d ago


moparful992984d ago

Thats what I can't understand.. For eons the media has been kicking, screaming, crying for gran turismo to innovate and add features and have more "fluff" Well polyphony delivered on that front and now they are complaining because the game isn't like it used to be? Give me a break, there is no other racing game to date that has as many features or cars that gt5 has and all people can seem to talk about is the inability to change wheels on standard cars? What a bunch of spoiled crybabies...

RedDead2985d ago

This is very minor, if I cared about anything the game is missing it would be a good damage system but this is just well, this is GT, not a street racer, Rim's don't matter. Simulation matters. Not how your car looks.

I don't even mind the bad damage system, the game has so much more to offer and GT4(even over Forza 2/3, N4S Shift) is still my fav racing game more than likely until this comes out.