Survey Shows 70% Of Japanese Gamers Still Favor The PS2

General Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) conducted a survey during the last day of the Tokyo Game Show (September 19th) where over 1000 people at attendance were asked which piece of gaming hardware they used the most and for the second year in a row Sony’s PS2 came on top at 70%.

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That's because they have nothing to play on the PS3.

Shadow Flare2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Are all you guys above Japanese then?

"nothing to play on ps3".

aaah, the 3 year old lie that fanboys lean back on when they can't fault anything else about the ps3. Funny how the console "with no games to play" is the best selling console in japan now, while the 360 from launch has been the worst selling console there. In a lot of cases being out sold by the 10 year old ps2. Ah, the battle of the dvd9 consoles has been a fierce one in japan

Bathyj2988d ago

Ha, look at all the bots sitting around agreeing with each other.

I'd learn some disgression if I were so small a minority, you know it takes very little to turn that spotlight on you.

InfectedDK2988d ago

It is hilarious that the PS2 almost sold as much as 360 this year world wide. LOL'ed!

zootang2988d ago

The PS3 has sold well in Japan as well. To think all of those customers yet to upgrade.


So far 2010 WW sales:
Xbox 360 - almost 6m
PlayStation 2 - almost 5

Zing? More like watch out MS, you aren't putting a descent lead even agains a 10 years old console.

ShinMaster2988d ago think that the Xbox 360 is in an even worse position than the PS3 in Japan.

HolyOrangeCows2988d ago

And these are the people always complaining about "Ps3 fanboys overrunning N4G"...

hot4play2988d ago

- Here are the latest console hardware sales in Japan for the week of Nov 1 - 7: (

PSP - 34,538 [1,743,845]
PS3 - 23,524 [1,185,817]
DSi LL - 22,858 [1,059,312]
DSi - 16,038 [837,909]
Wii - 11,521 [1,121,744]
PSP Go - 2,918 [58.260]
DSL - 2,766 [199,555]
360 - 2,686 [177,341]
PS2 - 1,460 [71,333]

LOL @ 360 selling less than the "failed" Go. What does that make the 360? :)

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256bit2988d ago

...yup even more than 360 as well.

Sayai jin2988d ago

This article has nothing to do with the 360.

On topic. A poll is only as good as it subjects. A poll can be skewed if you poll the wrong demographic or ask a obscure question. They could have asked what Sony console had the best number of exclusives or which one had a bigger library or sold more? Thus it would appear that the PS2 is more favored. Just a thought.

Motorola2988d ago

this article has nothing to do with PS3 either. ZING^

Sayai jin2988d ago

@Motorola- where and when did I mention the PS3? Rip and a zing!

MeatPopsicle2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

The PS3 is the top selling console in Japan. It is outselling the Wii 2 to 1. And outselling the 360 9 to 1.

I don't know of any gamer who doesn't have about a five year backlog of PS2 game still waiting to be played. The PS2 created the largest and most diverse library of games ever for a console.

The PS3 will be the same six or seven years from now. Sony has 20 first party dev studios. Compared to 10 for Nintendo and only 3 for Microsoft. In addition to the massive first party lineup the PS3 enjoys equally strong support from all three major console regions, Japan, US, and Europe.

Six years from now people will be saying the same thing about their massive PS3 backlogs just like they do now with the PS2.

darthv722988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

we never did finish the argument of if the ps3 will do ps2 like numbers. I think it will be a success (it already is) but it wont come near what the ps2 has done.

My reason for that is because ps2 came out at a time when it was riding on the popularity of the PS1. The PS3 is popular but not at the same level not to mention the competition is much more aggressive. 360 has turned heads (not so much in JP) and that has taken a bite out of Sony. I would say at best the PS3 tops out at somewhere around 100mil. The cost of development was less and the hardware as well in the PS2.

The ps3 will get cheaper to build but the development of games will increase. Has been for some time. We as gamers are not going to be satisfied with dvd cut scenes and pre rendered cgi. The promises of HD everything of the bluray format is making it more $$$ to give us what we want.

Face it, we are spoiled and in order for the PS3 to reach PS2 numbers we would need to compromise ALLOT to get the costs down to that mass market appeal.

I for one am not going to compromise on a GT6 if GT5 has taken this long and cost $$ in development. Same goes for a Killzone 4. All the fancy 3D isnt cheap either.

MeatPopsicle2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

It really is just simple math.

PS2: 150 million over 10 years
PS3: 42 million over 4 years

The PS2 didn't start selling 20 million a year until it dropped to 200 dollars. Once it hit 200 dollars it sold 20-25 million a year for five years, then down to about 15 million, and then down to 10, and now in 2010 it is around 5.5 million.

The PS3 is going to have a longer life than the PS3. So that means there are about seven to eight years of sales left for the PS3. So take 150 million and subtract off the 42 million the PS3 already has sold and you are left with 108 million consoles. Spread that out over six years or so and the PS3 only needs to sell on average 18 million consoles a year.

The PS3 is currently on track to sell 15 million consoles while still at 300 dollars. It just isn't hard to see that dropping down to 200 dollars will put the PS3 right there in the 20-25 million a year range of sales like the PS2 had.

Every single franchise people bought PS2s for is on the PS3. The same strong support from all three major console regions, Japan, US, and Europe. And a significantly larger first party lineup than the PS2 had.

The PS3 is repeating the exact same formula that let Sony create the best selling console in history. Designed from the start for a decade of more of shelf life so developers target the platform knowing they will reap the rewards of developing engines for it that can be used and amortized over a decade. And a platform that is targeted at all three major console regions.

There is no way the PS3 will end up with only 100 million installed base. That would mean that over the next six to seven years or so the PS3 would only sell 8-10 million a year. That just isn't plausible with the PS3 already in the 10-15 million a year range at 300 dollars.


When I said nothing to play I meant the PS2 has much more variety than the PS3 in terms of games for the 'JAPANESE GAMERS'

WaggleLOL2988d ago

ULTIMATE_REVENGE> When I said nothing to play I meant the PS2 has much more variety than the PS3 in terms of games for the 'JAPANESE GAMERS'

Then why is the PS3 at 3 times the price of the PS2 outselling it by 10 times in Japan?

turok2988d ago

"Then why is the PS3 at 3 times the price of the PS2 outselling it by 10 times in Japan?"

well u can say that but the article says 70% still favor ps2. ps2 must have something over ps3. which id have to think variety is the reason.

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PS360fanboy2988d ago

This only proves that BC would benefit the PS3 so, so much,,,

sashimi2988d ago

No it doesn't because that 70% of Japanese gamers would more likely then not still own a Ps2.

cochise3132988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Say the guy who only has gears of war 3 comin out next year along with kinect shovelware. Ps3 games sh!t all over the 360's. Don't foll youself you lifeless troll. Name one MS game that can compete with Uncharted, MGS4, KZ, Heavy Rain? lol you can't. Go continue to pay $60 for online multiplayer you loser.

Cevapi882988d ago

dont you love how the idiots on top of this thread think that Japanese gamers view graphics more important than gameplay..i still have my PS2 plugged in so that i can play the classics when i want to relive some of the good memories

plus its typical western stereotypes...and they wonder why the Japanese dont find MS or the Xbox brand appealing

JosiahB2988d ago

I don't have a PS3, I don't even have a 360 (just a Wii), but this whole "PS3 has no games" thing seems ridiculous to me. Now I don't know a ton about all the games the PS3 has (obviously), but it seems to have plenty of great games. In fact, if I where to get another console, between the PS3 and 360, it would be the PS3.

Karlnag32988d ago

The reason it seems ridiculous to you, is that you aren't pathetic, like these people on here that just refuse to acknowledge the fact that the PS3 DOES have a lot of games. Hell, looking to the future it has more than the 360 coming up next year. I have more PS3 games than 360 games now and I got my xbox before my playstation. Fact is that there's a darn sight more must-plays, for me, that I can only get on my playstation, than there is that I can only get on my 360. Not to say the 360 has no good exclusives since (again) that would be a pathetic and petty thing to say... wish a lot of these unbelievably moronic people would just wake up and f*cking see that instead of bitch fitting at each other over the internet. Pathetic.

Terror_B2988d ago

Thats because the PS3 is crap and has nothing but overrated games.

cochise3132988d ago

what games does the 360 have? elaborate

coojo2988d ago

yeah kinda sad 4 years ps3 still has no games.

Nitrowolf22988d ago

"That's because they have nothing to play on the PS3."

wow what a fail troll comment

Need i remind you that PS3 is ahead of 360 in Japan?
Your comment makes it as if Japanese gamers are playing 360 more instead. Yeah there is nothing to play on 360 either by your logic.

firefoxprime2988d ago


The guy who claimed there's nothing to play on the PS3 already clarified what he meant. So stop jumping to conclusions fool. Clearly Ultimate was implying "japanese games" for "japanese" gamers.

Utimate_REVENGE: (When I said nothing to play I meant the PS2 has much more variety than the PS3 in terms of games for the 'JAPANESE GAMERS')

BillOreilly2988d ago

thats acually partially true. western gaming is big this gen aka fps, tps, and wrpgs. There are really no good jrpgs on the ps3. those are japans bread and butter along with monster hunter, dating sims exc. ps3s big games this gen are resistance fps, killzone fps, mag fps, uncharted tps. The big japanese games this gen are catered to the west. Hell Ms had like 6 exclusive rpgs, exclusive strategy games, dating sims(in japan) and they didnt even buy that. They are concerned with handhelds and the ps2 with its large library, not hd graphics.

bailoutbenny2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I bought the 360 on the strength of the JRPG library it had. Clearly neither MS nor Sony knows what the Japanese audience wants.

djfullshred2988d ago

ultimate revenge...2007 is calling you. It said it wants it's joke back.

Dark_king2988d ago

The real reason would be that there are very few Jrpgs this gen compared to last gen.I mean 95% of the games this gen have been targeted towards the west.So of course they favor the PS2 with its hundreds of games actually ment for them.

sinncross2988d ago

If this is the case then Sony needs to release PS2 Classics onto the PSN for use in the PS3 and PSP2.

Especially the PSP2... def be a selling point.


That would make them feel shafted then.

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UnwanteDreamz2988d ago

Might have something to do with games being free.

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TheColbertinator2988d ago

lol I still prefer the PS2.

Screw the DLC charging,paid online,lack of games,and gimmick motion controls on the 360,Wii and PS3.

Give me a copy of Dark Cloud 2,Persona 3 and Metal Gear Solid 3.With those games around,I dont need anything else

ThisPlaceSucksBye2988d ago

The Ps2 was(still is) awesome.

2988d ago
The_Devil_Hunter2988d ago

Yeah not against you there, the PS2 remains one of the best consoles that ever graced this world in my eyes.

QuantumSponge2988d ago

PS1 library >> PS2 library.