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Convas2986d ago

Oh man! That was tight. People Can Fly know how to make action games. Can't wait, this is a Day One purchase for me.

joydestroy2986d ago

yeah that was pretty awesome!

A Cupcake for Gabe2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Wow, this looks really good. I personally don't care about the MP, being there's COD, plus the be-all-end-all for me Killzone 3. Also Crysis 2 & BRINK. So in the shooter department, I am looking forward to this over the top B-Rated action sci-fi.

Cajun Chicken2986d ago

Yeah, you can just see the 'Painkiller' in there. Still in their DNA, I'm glad Epic didn't rip it outta them.

Letros2986d ago

Oh man PCF rocks, Painkiller is still an addictive shooter, this looks awesome.

callahan092980d ago

The game looks great! I'll probably get it.

NYC_Gamer2986d ago

all epic games have the same type of stories/character models....

8-bit2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Yea this game doesn't seem to excite me. It looks like another rehash Unreal engine epic game..

Also, this isn't new footage, I saw this on GTTV..

tgh machines2986d ago

Its not being developed by epic.

jdktech20102986d ago

It looks pretty cool but I'm concerned about campaign length since I haven't seen any semblance of multiplayer yet. It's a wait and see want for me....if it comes with the Gears 3 beta, it probably goes to a buy but we'll just have to see

ddurand12986d ago

how is the competitive MP going to be? Will there be normal FPS gameplay options or is this going to be just arcade-y rack up the points MP?

DoomeDx2986d ago

there is no MP. only an Online Leaderboard.

Confirmed months ago on GameTrailers TV. :)

Convas2986d ago

Actually, in an interview with Tanya Jensen, they said that "Hypothetically, even if we have something Multiplayer related cooking in the pot, we can't talk about it at the time (E3)" So really, they pretty much said, "We've got Multiplayer, but we're not showing you yet."

So, don't count MP out yet, we've still some time to go till February, and if Guerilla's still just showing the snow level map of the singleplayer for Killzone 3, it's fine to assume that both games coming out in Feb still have a bit of surprises left to go.

ddurand12986d ago

Its not on my to buy list anyway (brink and KZ3 out at the same time) at the moment, was just curious. There could definitley be an unreal type MP compenent here it seems.

Cajun Chicken2986d ago

I can't believe it's Feb this releases.

DaBadGuy2986d ago



lol this game is going to be tits.

CrzyFooL2986d ago

To it.

Sick game looks sick!!

Mista T2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

glad to see good humered games making a come back. DNF and this game all in the same month! holy bahjesus

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The story is too old to be commented.