Sophist Radio Episode 35: Wizards, Pornos, and Cannibalistic Fetuses

Harold Burnett writes: With the new format -- having no format at all -- firmly in place, the Sophist Radio crew have spirited conversations about Fable 3 and Product No. 5. The guys also manage a fun and in depth discussion on the current state of the Sonic franchise, promoted by the discovery of a game called Sonic Fan Remix. Along the way the silliness of the word "wizard" comes up, and the gang closes out the show with a look at how 2010 may be the worst year for gaming in a long time. Who is to blame? Motion control? Shooters? Tune in to find out everyone's thoughts.

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AlexDM2987d ago

With a title like that, how could I not want to listen?

jnune092987d ago

That the title discribes one entity.