360 Black Ops outsells PS3 version

Xbox 360 was the best selling version of Call of Duty Black Ops in the game's opening week on UK shelves, Chart-Track data has confirmed.

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rebirthofcaos2991d ago

wow amazing, I didnt knew./s

ConanOBrien2991d ago

to see someone crying over it and pretending to feel happy

raztad2991d ago

No one is crying and you are pretending to be happy.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2991d ago

And yet the article acts as if they Xbox version is bug/glitch free. Didn't even mention the PC version which is worst of the three.

List of bugs affecting the PS3 version

List of bugs affecting the Xbox version

Game-ur2991d ago

The less people buying this game the better

Immortal3212991d ago

but focus entirely to the multiplayer is a below average game.


ikkokucrisis2991d ago

Well, they did spend at least $0.5 billion more on advertising it than the ps3 version...

jeseth2991d ago

I don't totally regret it, but it definitely doesn't have the polish of MW2.

I like how Treyarch took out a lot of the BS online that was in MW2 but it feels like a game that came out in the beginning of this gen vs. now. Many online FPS games are better than Black Ops.

Oh well, maybe next years installment of Guitar Hero . . .Er, I mean. . .Call of Duty will be better.

redsquad2991d ago

"Crying" over a COD game? Never going to happen, sunshine, so get over yourself!

Perjoss2991d ago

Didn't find a single problem playing it on the xbox360.

Linzoid2990d ago

The adverts in the UK make out it's an xbox 360 exclusive

thehitman2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

its not just the UK here in the US they have like 2-3 adds that display it just for xbox and I see them all day.

2990d ago
ComboBreaker2990d ago

Also proves that 360 gamers got tricked once again, by CoD. PS3 gamers are smart enough to stay away from that sh*t.

2990d ago
DelbertGrady2990d ago

ConanOBrien's 107 disagrees tells me alot of you are really REALLY butthurt lol.

Me? Not surprised nor butthurt in the slightest. I get to enjoy the better version of the two so I can't complain.

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Anon19742991d ago

Yeah, this is a no brainer. What would be news is if a shooter didn't sell better on the 360. 360 owners love their shooters.

ElementX2991d ago

360 owners love their shooters? I love Resistance 1 & 2, Killzone 2, and not to mention all those MAG fans... Quit saying 360 is the shooter console, some of the top games on PS3 are shooters!

HornyHaggis2991d ago

Calm down element lol who gives a fuck what console is regarded as the "shooter" console it's the community not the console you can enjoy playing shooters all you want because no one gives two fly fucks.

raztad2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Well MAG sold less than Heavy Rain or inFAMOUS. GoW3 sold more than Heavy Rain or inFAMOUS. UC2 sold more than KZ2. Bayonetta sold better on PS3. GT5P sold better than MGS4, that in turns sold 4.5m. Yet GT5 will sell better than anything released before, even Black Ops.

Shooters are obviously popular on PS3, but are not that predominant.


It was not intended. I have more stuff to add but my post was getting long. I mentioned BO sales as the one to beat.

BTW, I'm not even trying to knock the xbox. I dont care about that console. Just replying ElementX post.

etownone2991d ago


Funny how you left out the part where COD are the best selling games on PS3 and the #1 game played online on PS3

But yeah .... if it makes you feel better, Xbox is a console for shooters


Kewl_Kat2991d ago


Let's say the ps3 would lose killzone 2, mag, and resistance 2 right now. PS3 owners would still have uncharted 2, demon's souls, ratchet & clank crack in time, and god of war 3. Yes, that's right, that's why the ps3 is not a "shooter's console" because it doesn't heavily rely on shooters. Now if the 360 were to lose halo reach, what other exclusive games are there for players to enjoy? Gears of war 2? Fable 3? Not much, huh?

hoops2991d ago

Excellent point.
I assume PS3 owners HATE shooters like MAG, ROF, Killzone, COD, BFB2...oh wait....
Some of those have sold more units than non shooters on the PS3...
Go figure Darkride.
You're right. Only Xbox360 owners LOVE shooters.
P3 owners HATE KZ3, MAG and all those other "shooters"

plenty a tool2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

etownone bubbles up.

things like that are always forgotten. bu but the ps triplez!! i remember reading an interview from a sony exec last year, where he was claiming that the ps3 is new shooter console! i think a few of the faithful were nodding their heads in agreement also.

@raztad you dont care about the 360, but you sure can be found in alot of 360 threads....strange that!

@ darkride... tut tut, you talk the most rubbish. why dont you just stay on your crappy smgamers web-site? or stick to writing nonsense blogs knocking the 360 in the hope that they will come true

Sayai jin2991d ago

@Kewl_Kat -Hmmm. I would still play Mass Effect, Fallout 3, Alan Wake, Forza 3, etc. There is a good variety of game on all the consoles. Hell I am still playing through MGS4 and GOW 3 for the 3rd time. I like my shooters as well on my 360 and PS3. I am about to finally buy MAG and give KZ2, Resistance 2, and Gears 2 a rest. My favorite genre is RPG. To say that 360 owners only game is Halo just ridiculous. I do not understand why these battles always start...but thats N4G for you.

On topic, gaming news or the lack there of is not truly news most of the time its opinionated and flame bait (well Fox news is similar LOL. You will see a article praising "insert game" and then later that day another article is published from another site saying these are the 10 things they hate about that game. There are still "Which is better 360 or PS3. G

Game on...

raztad2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )


Dont know what are you talking about. Rarely visit any xbox only thread. Perhaps trolled Kinect just a little bit, but not more than that. You might want to check your facts.


55 vs 42 is actually a sad figure to look at. I would like less PS3 owners to fall for CoD yearly hype.

green2991d ago

"Rarely visit any xbox only thread. Perhaps trolled Kinect just a little bit, but not more than that. You might want to check your facts."


Active Reload2991d ago

Raztad, if the PS3 version was the best version, you'd be praising COD.

Bloodraid2990d ago

What the hell is wrong with you? He simply said that some of the best exclusives on the PS3 are shooters.

Odd that you claim the PS3 isn't the shooter console when you can name off a bunch of exclusive shooters [Speaking Strictly of Multiplayer] for the PS3 (Resistance 1, 2, 3, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Socom: Confrontation, Socom 4, MAG, M.G.O off the top of my head) and only two for the 360 (Halo and Gears).

Your logic is the same as saying "If we took LittleBigPlanet away from PS3 owners, what else are they going to play? Mod Nation Racers? - It's retarded logic and you're an idiot for using it.

onanie2990d ago

Odd that you would count each PS3 "shooter" sequel as a separate title, while 360 has "only two". Retard argument, much?

Kewl kat also effortlessly named a few non-shooters. Way to quote selectively, too.

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iPad2991d ago

The only good game worth playing on the 360.

I think that's why it sold more on the 360.

Spartanv072991d ago

excuses,i love how fanboys always say that. Fable III launched not that long before black ops.

mrcash2991d ago

considering that ps3 has no new games out at the moment, does that mean that ps only players just dont like to play games.

IdleLeeSiuLung2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Which brings me to question, what wonderful recently released exclusive have you played in the last 6-months on the PS3?

Still waiting for GT5? I guess you all must be saving money and NOT buyign games at all. Even the Wii had Goldeneye!

I have been playing Halo: Reach and Fable 3 prior to Black Ops on my Xbox 360!

However, I'm sure you have been playing on your ipad instead of your PS3!

HornyHaggis2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Well said IdleLeeSiuLung, too bad the fanboys have tunnel vision and can't accept the truth, I'm not saying 360 has been plagued with AAA exclusives either but -FANBOYS- ( not taking a dig at all PS3 owners just fanboys ) can't take no for an answer look at the disagrees, they can't even come up with a response that looks respectful so they just click disagree and poke their wheeto.

Also, I can't wait to see how many disagrees I get for this, and any PS3 owners who claim not to be fanboys yet get mad over this and disagree, you're just a fanboy in denial and need to go outside for a breather.

TreMillz2991d ago

Which brings me to question...Which game will you be playing post Black Ops? For the next Month? 2 months? 3 months? haly a year? next fall o wait you have Gears 3 next fall...aww only 1 game? Such a sad console, went from shooterstravaganza to Teddy Bear Land...

thedisagreefairy2991d ago

ps3 has had no new games coming out?

the fight lights out, the sly collection, the shoot, and time crisis have all come out the past few weeks.

what are you talking about?

Active Reload2991d ago

If you're a retard you think this...

lightningsax2991d ago

Nice of you to ask. I've been playing Soldner X-2: Final Prototype with the new The Last Chapter expansion. It's a wonderful game, and it's up there with the best shmups of this generation. Unlike the single-player in the titles you mentioned, the game actually demands a bit of skill on the player's part.

Anyway, if you have a PS3 (and why else would you be desperately asking that question, right?), go get it. It's a ton of fun for a quarter of the cost of COD: Black Ops.

Killed4Less2990d ago

Well I guess I could count all the Kinect exclusives as well and pad the list but everyone would "poo poo" Kinect titles and then mention The Fight(3/10).

We aren't even talking about XBLA or PSN games here. If you want to go there I can list even more exclusives like Dead Rising Case Zero.

iPAD trolled and caught all kinds of us in his net.

/flops around like a fish outta water

X-Alchemist2990d ago

comments like this are annoying yet funny.
it's hard to imagine that most of the users on this site suck sonys *ss

gaden_malak2990d ago

"Which brings me to question, what wonderful recently released exclusive have you played in the last 6-months on the PS3?"

Sorry but what have you been playing the last 2 years when the PS3 saturated the market with exclusives?

Kurt Russell2990d ago

I wouldn't say the 3 worth playing exclusives on the PS3 is saturating the market...

I've been playing Halo, Mass Effect, and Alan Wake alongside a plethora of quality multiplats... I could of wasted my fucking time playing crappy quicktime events like God of War fags and Heavy Rain, but I thought better of it and get my dick wet with some quality titles.

gaden_malak2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

lol, how angry are you?

By the way you seem to have a secret obsession with homosexuality. The use of the word fag and got your 'dick wet' over title with a predominately male cast.

Perhaps there is an underlying issue here...

Kurt Russell2989d ago

gay jokes... nice one mate :/

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InfectedDK2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Ofcourse it did.
Remember that the SONY PS3 sells a lot of exclusive games like MAG, SOCOM, WARHAWK, Resistance 1-3, Killzone 2-3, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 1&2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Infamous 1-2, GoWIII, Heavy Rain, WipEout, ModNation Racers, LittleBigPlanet 1-2, MotorStorm 1-3 and soooooooooooooo on. You'll just get hurt to see the whole list. Xbox360 has Halo, Gears and CoD.. So yes ofcourse LOL. How to spin in favour of the 360. Every soccer game and almost every racing game also sells better on the PS3 than on the 360. Some games has to sell on the 360 and that would be some few fps shooters. The PS3 is shining so much the 360 people are crying out laud. The PS3 sold many more PS3's this year and so are they selling more games than the 360. This game selling better on the 360 is obvious and laughable LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

CoD BO is almost a 360 game. That it does so well on the PS3 besides all other great PS3 games is amazing! It actually shows failure for 360 that it does not sell a whole amount more than the PS3 version. This is the truth. Cry babies cry.

Fifa, Pes and most racing games sell better on PS3.
Heavenly Sword sold great on PS3, lol look at Enslaved.
Heavy rain, yes sold well. Alan Wake that took 5 years to make? Nah ah not that well or do you think? Think again.

etownone2991d ago

"CoD BO is almost a 360 game. That it does so well on the PS3 besides all other great PS3 games is amazing! It actually shows failure for 360 that it does not sell a whole amount more than the PS3 version."

lolololololololol ..... seriously thanks cause i lmao!!

That has got to be the best 'spin' I've heard on N4G.

Killed4Less2990d ago

Ah, there is that list again.. look how many shooters you listed.. And the sales for those games are decent but nothing spectacular. Many of those have taken over a year to reach 1mil and many of those are not even out yet(note we are 4-5 years into the gen here and you still have to refer to games not released to make your point).

Yet, you fail to mention the highest selling game on the PS3 is MW2, a multiplatform shooter. All those great exclusives still can't top a multiplatform shooter.

"It actually shows failure for 360 that it does not sell a whole amount more than the PS3 version."

MW2 sold 2:1 over the PS3 and it looks like BO is heading that way. So 2:1 not enough for you? Now that just shows failure for the PS3. Remember, the PS3 the game console with 120+ mil users and owned the last 10 years of gaming?? Talk about showing failure.

nycredude2990d ago

This only proves 360 only fanboys love to take it in the ass. First by MS, then by activision. Double penetration. I am not saying Ps3 only fanboys don't take it also if they buy this shit. I quit cod after the last one. If I am ever compelled to play it I will torrent it. Fuck Activision!

visualb2991d ago

that was expected =) all good, sold well on both consoles but 360 is really the console associated with COD

hell they got the DLC maps and the exclusive adverts, its not surprising.

COD sells loads as usual
if only more unique, bolder games sold this well D=

vhero2990d ago

The advertising helped a lot more than the DLC I think but your pretty much right. Plus the fact the 360 is the shooters fan choice of console. With games like Gears and Halo it is very watered down with shooters so you would expect them to sell better on 360.

N4Great2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

no surprises : less good games + more americans boyz = more cod sold.

but almost all of others multiplatforms games same the same or more on ps3 now, despite the fact the console have more excluisves each years !

CleanUP-CharliE2991d ago

Well duh, Xbots only have Black Ops and no good games on the way LOL

GT5 FTW!!!

niceguywii602991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Not NA

LOL at the GT5 comments. GT5 is a Sim and the PS3 fan base is much smaller than the the PS1 and PS2.

n4f2990d ago

LMAO both of you cant respond to your comment!

nycredude2990d ago


You need to check your facts instead of being lazy. The older Gt games released early in the Ps2 life cycle. I would say when it was only at 25,000,000 or so and went on to sell 15,000,000 copies.

n4f2990d ago

no sh!t sherlock!!
what would be a surprise would be that wii version outsold everyone now that... will never happen

TheBlackSmoke2990d ago

This article wins the No shit Sherlock award for excellence in journalism.

aceitman2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

that figured that out . lets see advertised as if it was only on the 360 . and then the devs . say its best on the 360 .. then lets see ms pays them for exclusive 1 month dlc, not to mention that i heard from an ms insider that ms ask them to not let the ps3 look as good as the 360 .... it will come out one day watch an see . an ms employee will come out with the dirt .. and u know its true cod waw didnt look that different and mw 2 they look the same... and i have to say the ps3 sold very well for a game being advertised for the 360 ...

Mizz_mai2990d ago

Ummmm....good for activision then...?? They get totally free advertising from micrososft here in the U.K every 5 minutes

FFXNo12990d ago

When stupid Activision advertises the game for the 360, then what do you expect. But only by eight percent and this is the UK so no surprise

Mizz_mai2990d ago

ummmm no it's microsoft who do the advertising actually...havent you seen it yet???

showtimefolks2990d ago

all the ADVERTISEMENT is saying best on xbox360 it sold pretty well on ps3

kparks2990d ago

they should just make a online only game with dedicated servers and just focus on that it would be the best online game ever!! i mean i like the campaign but for something that only last 5 hours go ahead and make it online only and have tons of guns and options and focus on it being the best online game ever it has the stuff there to do it already!

xAlmostPro2990d ago

lets not lie, this was bound to happen.. but honestly i thought the gap would have been alot bigger between the 2..

avengers19782990d ago

Honestly did anyone not Know this was going to happen. Even people with both consoles would proble pick up the 360 version... Die Hard COD fans will of course get the game on the console that will have the DLC first.

Odin7772990d ago

@Delbert Honestly man, I (and I'm sure the majority of PS3 gamers) really don't care. It's really not a surprise since Activision advertises it as an Xbox exclusive anyway. And regarding Conan; I disagreed with him because he was acting like a little bitch.

vhero2990d ago

LOL whoever didn't guess this was gonna happen is deluded. We all know 360 is primarily a shooters fan console the DLC people will say helped but to be fair that doesn't effect initial sales of the game that much.