Final Fantasy XIV not on course for March PS3 release?

That would be a logical conclusion to draw, perhaps, given comments from Square Enix's Hiromichi Tanaka.


Square Enix's official word is that the game's still on for a March release. See updated story.

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ryuzu2987d ago

Given how badly it's been received on PC, they need to do a lot of work to get it to sell decently on PS3 now.

Best thing would have been to do a simultaneous PC/PS3 release so that people buy it before the faults are found and reported.


Godmars2902987d ago

More like, considering the exact state of the PC version, they need to work more on the thing. Actually apply feedback, not just fix bugs before they shove it out the door.

DOMination2987d ago

Probably delaying it so they can release it on 360 at same time as ps3.

Igneel2986d ago

Giving how things worked out on the PC , I doubt microsoft will even want this on their console.

thehitman2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

SE even have the resources to devote to a 360 version at the current state/image that FF14 has. MS seem to not want to give into same terms of ffXI and they want more money to put it on XBL so chances are slim to none that it EVER gets released on 360 now.

MaideninBlack2987d ago

Just give me WKC II from Level 5. Free to play and tons of fun.

Chris3992987d ago

I haven't played an MMO that much (the MP part) since WOW. It was terrifically executed. And FREE. WKC 2 looks to have added even more MMOish features - guilds, etc.. Can't wait.

JAMurida2986d ago

Amen to that man. I still play WKC to this day. Trying to get my gear GR ready to import to the next game.

turgore2987d ago

DO NOT WANT. The game is beyond repair.

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The story is too old to be commented.