Top 5 Gaming Characters Ever Created

Five days previous, we asked our valued readers who they felt were their greatest gaming character ever and we equally promised to reveal our list of the top 5 greatest gaming characters created. Today, we have fulfilled that obligation as we present to you the top 5 gaming characters ever created.

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jerocarson2988d ago

mega man remains my favorite game character . . . I am so glad he made the list, most gaming journalist always omit him.

kosovo2988d ago

megaman is easily the most unsuccessful character. glad it's getting some recongination

Jacobite2988d ago

What no Gordon Freeman, Lara Croft and the Duke now thats Icons.

proudly_X2988d ago

it was a tough decision, but everyone can not make the list . . . that's the joy of healthy competition.

kosovo2988d ago

i think it a very good and well thought list, Mario is the undisputed champion anytime, anyday . . the name alone can bring billions to nintendo. but i wish he can just die . . we need some new creativity . . imo

proudly_X2988d ago

if mario dies, alot of gamers will have serious heartbreaks.

tatsukishi2988d ago

Good list I could see making it a list of 10 to include more iconic characters we know and love but for a list of just 5 you hit the nails on the head.

jerocarson2988d ago

10 list would be simple epic

proudly_X2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

i think the 5 list passes alot more message . . . just our way of doing things, not really used to the the 10s . but we might review that policy soon.