How much does Call of Duty have left in the tank?

Activision titles don’t stay relevant. We’ve watched the Tony Hawk series faceplant into a rail and Guitar Hero has checked in at the priory with a case of “exhaustion”. Activision is known for making a product, putting advertising behind it and milking the series until the majority aren’t interested. It’s a low risk business decision that ensures the maximum amount of profit while ultimately resulting in a consumer interest drop. We’ve seen it happen and it’s destined to again.

Is the golden goose running out of eggs? Does a Call of Duty break the box office once more?

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MrMccormo2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

For long-time gamers who want somethink new: CoD ran outta gas a while ago.

For not so seasoned gamers (who also rush out to purchase any blood-soaked game on the market), it won't become boring for another 5 years when they finally open their eyes and stop being gaming toddlers.

princejb1342986d ago

cod is nowhere running out of gas
if the game is still selling over $100 million its life span is still gonna last alot more years

havent you noticed those games that dont get sequels is because their sales suck

The_Darkest_Red2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I just honestly can't relate to this elitist attitude. I understand why people hate Activision and Call of Duty, and I am right there with you for a lot of the same reasons, but it's just silly to assume that all people who enjoy CoD games are "not so seasoned gamers."

I have a PS3 with 35+ games, a 360, and a Wii, and I am enjoying Black Ops immensely. Especially after the train-wreck that was Modern Warfare 2.

Just remember N4G users, if you want to go online and play a couple games of Team Deathmatch with some friends while enjoying tons of customization options then you are a worthless sheep and deserve to die. This is the mind-set of elitist gamers nowadays.

-- TL;DR: Hater's gonna hate. --

Beefstew4u2986d ago

After the piece of sh*t that was mw2, I will never buy a Call of Duty title ever again. I might rent Black Ops for the campaign since it is supposed to be pretty good. But if the multiplayer is anything like mw2, it'll just be a laggy online experience with boosters, glitchers, campers, and 12 year old kids screaming into their mic. No thanks.

The_Darkest_Red2986d ago

I totally agree man, MW2 was a terribly made multiplayer game. The single player wasn't much better.

I think Treyarch did an excellent job of balancing this time around. After playing the game for a week or so I'm really starting to get that old Call of Duty 4 feeling. It feels nice.

I'm not saying Black Ops is the best multiplayer shooter (or even my favorite) out there but it's a fun game to play with friends that fixed most of the issues present in MW2.

-Alpha2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Well you gotta love how some people who generalize all COD buyers as sheep themselves haven't played the game, yet call COD players sheep.

What should the MP do? Should they upset their huge following and change their game fundamentals? Or perhaps redo things completely like Guerilla Games did? Should they make health like Halo? Make it 60 players? Add destruction?

People don't seem to understand that COD is COD, it's not meant to be Resistance, or Halo, or Bad Company. Yet people use other games to put down COD

"Oh, look at the destruction in Bad Company 2! This is better than COD!" "1 BC2 map is bigger than 10 COD Maps!"

Why should COD have destruction? Why should they have super-large MP maps? That's not the game COD is intended to be. Can't multiple styles exist? I LOVE Bad Company 2, but people act as if one style is better than the other. There is an inherent bias against COD around here to the point that people who haven't played it feel it necessary to call others sheep for buying the product. Yeah, that makes complete sense.

I love Black Ops, but people continue to be ignorant and arrogant about it. Oh well, no loss, I'm enjoying it along with millions of others. I guess we are all sheep who don't have the superior tastes as others do /s

Until other shooters can offer me the level of fun, enjoyment, social interaction (partying up, custom games, split-screen), modes/maps/variety games like COD or Halo offer then I see no reason to stop playing COD

The_Darkest_Red2986d ago

Irony and hypocrisy are common traits of the modern "gamer," that is for sure.

+Bubs Alpha-Male22, at least someone here is thinking logically.

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rebirthofcaos2986d ago

I would say 2 more games and it is going down hill

GamerSciz2986d ago

Plus if it is optimized for PC and PS3 and actually worked on maybe a whole new engine...I would say one more in the tank if they are lucky.

hennessey862986d ago

cods biggest fan base is on 360 so i doubt that will happen.
on topic.... the problem cod has got is that infinity made such a great game in cod4 that the rest have just not lived up to the original modern warfare. half of you people are talking like cod is the only game that lags well killzone2 lags so does mag and so does halo and its mainly down to the fact that not everyone has the best internet connection and also the fact that theres so many cheats who have lag switches etc these are the people who are ruining cod

GamerSciz2986d ago

KZ2 doesn't lag in terms of when I start firing my sound skips and then I am dead or somehow got lucky and killed the other player. The KZ2 lag you are thinking of is the "weight" the gun feels so it's not as twitchy as CoD games. MAG doesn't lag either.

And regardless if it's biggest fan base is on 360, it's just poor choice/respect on the developers part to completely neglect the other 2 primary systems. CoD doesn't have a leg to stand on right now but somehow it is still standing. I don't see another CoD game coming out until at least Fall 2012 and I don't think Treyarch will be the makers nor do I think the engine will be reused but a new one you will be made in that time. I can only imagine with the money it ranks in other studios are thinking of taking the opportunity of creating a much "better" engine and releasing a CoD type of game.

hennessey862986d ago

yes killzone 2 does lag. well it has when ive played it anyway. My comment wasnt an attack on kilzone 2, i also mentioned halo and mag. No games are perfect. I think the only game that i have played where i havnt experienced lag is errmmmm ermmmm ?????? none

Dnied2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

We need a skate-like equivalent of shooters ASAP PLZ

lol seriously though, it was sad to see Tony Hawk die the way it did... as a kid you don't really realize what they're doing at activision you just get excited for the next game in the series.

Once EA made Skate and I grew up a bit, the milking really started to stand out and that's exactly what's happening to COD. (and Guitar Hero, which is probably even worse)

I believe MOH was EA's attempt and with a bit of polish, a sequel could do quite well. After all, MW1 was not as huge as MW2 was especially in the beginning, so now that people know MOH exists, MOH2 might be what they need... I personally prefer the new MOH over MW2 and WaW but I do admit BO is pretty damn good...

Who knows, maybe the old IW will create the next best thing over at EA

scar202986d ago

Yes i hope so i read in a article that they're game was going to be multipatform.

vickers5002986d ago

I LOVE Black Ops at the moment, however I think this is my last Call of Duty game if they don't change it up next time around.

The game is definitely in need of an engine change/upgrade.

dkgshiz2986d ago

They need to add a physics engine badly.

-Alpha2986d ago

Treyarch's engine is definitely feeling old, but MW2 looked good.

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