FTG Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Games these days are not scary. Your scariest “horror” games are little more than zombie shooting sprees. Games like Clock Tower, Silent Hill 2, or Fatal Frame have been replaced with Resident Evil 5. If you’re here, you’ve played through Resident Evil 5; at any point of that game, did you feel “afraid”? No, of course not. You can’t get haunted by a game that hands you a rocket launcher and a flamethrower. If a game can’t be turned into a Jerry Bruckheimer-esque summer blockbuster movie, then they don’t get made.

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AmigoSniped2991d ago

My only problem with the idea of a "scary game" is that most games really too heavily on scary tricks. For example in dead space they used necromorphs jumping out at you as a scrare tactic. By the end of a game that scare tactic becomes extremely predictable. While this game seems original i would need to play it to see if it's actually scary.

Xristo2990d ago

The scary part of this game isn't the "jumping out at you" parts...its the feeling of helplessness. In games like Dead Space you have a weapon for comfort. In this game you must "survive"...if a monster sees you, fight and die or flee to survive. The demo will let you know what I mean when you meet a specific "wet" creature....just check the demo out...

Xristo2990d ago

forgot to add...i didn't "disagree" with your post