GATT XBOX 360 REVIEW - Call of Duty: Black Ops Editor-In-Chief Matt W. gives his take on Black Ops:

"TreyArch knew that following up on the success of Modern Warfare 2 was going to be an uphill battle. Even with the Infinity Ward fiasco taking place, TreyArch kept on plugging away at Black Ops because they understood that a lot of work needed to be done if they wanted to succeed. Having made the acclaimed Call of Duty: World at War, TreyArch also has a history of crafting a compelling story. Their multiplayer attempt was a little weak to be honest, aside from the much loved Zombie Mode (which makes a return) and they knew that. So they did what any good developer does and refine and polish while adding a ton of new features. With Activision backing them up with resources how could they possibly go wrong? More importantly, does Call of Duty: Black Ops live up to the hype surrounding it?"

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