Gran Turismo 5 at the Sydney Motor Show

In anticipation of its release, Randolph Ramsay and Dan Chiappini take the Toyota FT-86 G concept car for a few laps of the Nürburgring track in Gran Turismo 5 at the Sydney Motor Show.

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I was there and think it was a pity they couldn't put the (2)gaming booths either side of Concept FT-86 car at the top platform ( Toyota/Lexus stand ) were it can be better seen and would surely pull-in more crowds.

You had to look for it if you wanted to have a try.. for the game - it is quite spectacular, needed to have a few tries though to get used to that feeling again.

There was another booth ( at Mitsubishi stand ) was a Mitsubishi EVO-X turned into a booth and it was on the top platform which can be clearly seen from anywhere, but it did have the much older GT5 Prologue.

9 days and counting..