Guardian: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Review

Guardian: "Assassin's Creed 2 marked a massive improvement on the original game, but with this sequel appearing only a year later I was half expecting something of a rush job. Fortunately, Brotherhood manages to combine old and new elements with skill and imagination while adding, for the first time, a potentially fascinating multiplayer component."

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EazyC2984d ago

It's too familiar to the last game imo, they should have really changed the timeline.

Rage_S902984d ago

i just hope they fixed the climbing i always seem to jump to the wrong place and fall to my doom

maybe its just me.....

Rampaged Death2984d ago

I really can't wait to play more AC. I just hope the new assassin management stuff isn't confusing and is easy to do.

The_Nameless_One2984d ago

People need to get through their think skull. AC: Brotherhood is not a sequel, it's a continuation of the story. That's why it's not numbered.

Quagmire2983d ago

Gamers are a fair bit retarded these days, cant see beyond their own vision to make informed judgements.

TheGuardianFID2984d ago

I just picked up my collector's edition, I'll be playing it later on today!!! 8)

dkgshiz2984d ago

The MP was a nice thought except it bored me quite greatly with the Beta. I will give it a rent.