PlayStation Home Going Down For 24hr. Maintenance Today

"PlayStation Home core client update v1.4 went live last week, but now it’s time for a bit of maintenance to accommodate all the awesomeness that users have been experiencing."

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doctorstrange2986d ago

I wanted to try out the new update

NJShadow2986d ago

It is certainly impressive. I'm lovin' the almost non-existent loading times!

Zydake2986d ago

Updates Great. Only thing I don't like is in Wardrobe Triangle, X, Circle, and Square don't seem to work only L1 & R1 work making me shut off the controller or switch ports to make it work. And takes a long time still to get every1 to loadup

rezzah2985d ago

I gotta get back into home again, its been maybe almost a year since i last been there. The loading times are what mostly kept me away. other than that i absolutly love Home.