Black Ops: 5 Tips for Ensuring Multiplayer Victory

The competitive group of gamers over at SemperCog lend their hand with five of the most important tips for ensuring multiplayer domination and victory in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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kdogdaddy4461d ago

After extensive trial and error I've been able to find the settings that best give me the FPS and lag free experience I need for total multiplayer domination, no matter the gametype or map.

LJCabo2se4461d ago

No matter what u do Kdog, ill still kick ur @$$ =P

kdogdaddy4461d ago

Big DISAGREE added. Follow the tips and suggestions involved and we'll see what happens. ;)

Losi4461d ago

Nice post, but i still agree with LJ on this one Kdog.

kdogdaddy4461d ago

Noone brings down the KDog in online competition. NO-ONE I TELL YOU!

With that said I can't stress enough how important the graphical changes and tweaks are to ensuring a satisfying and efficient multiplayer experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.