Square Enix on Final Fantasy XIV's future

In September Square Enix launched Final Fantasy XIV, its long-awaited MMO.

It should have been a time of celebration for the Japanese company. Instead, it was slammed in the face by negative reviews and an outpouring of complaints from players.

As a result, Square Enix has promised to drastically change the game with a raft of monthly version updates. Here, speaking to Eurogamer, senior vice president of software development Hiromichi Tanaka explains how Square Enix plans to fix its MMO.

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Igneel2985d ago

The Great 'N' is back. Final Fantasy XIV's future is dark.

plb2985d ago

So is Square's if they don't get it together. Hopefully versus13 delivers

Keith Olbermann2985d ago

for another two years and then we will find out its geared to "everyone and not just fans" so it will be fight after fight after fight. I hate to be down on SE because I am a big FF fan but lately they just suck.

Igneel2985d ago

doubt so. Square is done.

Godmars2902985d ago

If they're more concerned with making it multiplatform than actually making the game, then its already a lost cause.

That they pushed FFXIV out the door in the state it was in, outright ignored their own beta, does not bode well.

TEFL0N_D0N_812985d ago

Absolutely disgusting. Imagine if Square-Enix was an auto maker. Oh wait, then they'd be Toyota wouldn't they.

Chubear2985d ago

Just don't screw up Hitman. That's all I ask.

guzman2985d ago

More like GM you filth. Toyota didn't need a multi-billion dollar taxpayer bailout, even with the trumped up lies about the mechanical malfunctions.

rroded2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

seriously worst disappointment of the generation lets just hope they can pull off ff vs one great game n they might make a come back
if it turns out ta b another piece of crud rip squenix

jjohan352984d ago

Square turned to shit ever since the merge with Enix.

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soundslike2985d ago

i can see how this game would feel empty if you were hunched at a pc ready to do some serious gaming, but at the same time it could be pretty relaxing to play on ps3 with your feet up on the ottoman. Time will tell. dc universe just looks so much more appetizing at the moment...

ScubaSteve12985d ago

yay Yochi Wada is destroying Square one by one and maybe the dream is real Square is going under like they almost did back in 1989

Buffniceguy2985d ago

Versus is going to be a nice pheonix down never doubt Nomura he always delivers.

Godmars2902985d ago

He worked on FFXIII. may have just been the character designer - lord knows no one's complained about them - but he was still involved.

Square and anyone connected to them is well past the point of their word meaning anything. They have to deliver to get my respect again.

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The story is too old to be commented.