ShopTo.Net Predicts Huge Success For Gran Turismo 5

ShopTo.Net has predicted that Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3 will be the biggest selling PS3 game of the year. the fastest growing UK video games and movies retailer, has predicted that the soon to be released Gran Turismo 5 video game will be the biggest selling PlayStation 3 game of the year. In production for five years and given several previous release dates, GT5 has now been confirmed for launch on the 24 th November. The Sony title developed by Polyphony Digital Inc is already ShopTo.Net’s current biggest selling pre-order with still over a week to go.

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Rage_S902986d ago

jizz in my pants when disc is in hand

vsr2986d ago

It's one of the rare games that has WORLDWIDE SELLING POWER(America/Asia/Africa/Euro pe/Australia and Andartica). not limited to few areas.

Acquiescence2986d ago

poop in my pants when I smell the inside of the manual while the game is installing.

Dang, I have to wait until Christmas day though.

Lykon2986d ago

to celebrate i am going to offer my muscular bottom for homosexual experiments for a whole day, possibly longer, as long as i can play the game at same time.

Hideo_Kojima2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago ) even put adverts on my Youtube video lately they are selling the game for just £34.95

Of course they would see a huge number of pre orders...

Edit: I wouldn't recommend buying from they are not the most secure website when it comes to personal details. They lost mine in the past and I had to get a new card which was a lot more hustle than it was worth.

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darkcharizard2986d ago

This is PS3 we're talking about. It doesn't have the install base PS2 had at the same point in its life cycle. GT5 will sell 8mil at max.

ryuzu2986d ago

That would be in line with the Wii attach rate hehe.


dosgrtr2986d ago

by your logic god of war 3 shouldn't have sold 3 million+ by now,but guess what?it did

Boody-Bandit2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

You know the saddest part about this comment "GT5 will sell 8mil at max."? You say it like it's a bad thing if it only hits 8 million in sales. What in the hell is the magic number a PS3 title can do that will make the haters stop hating and finding the lamest of lame excuses to consider it anything but a success?

Are you serious with your 8 million comment? I ranks right up there with one of the most nonsensical things I have read on N4G in quite some time and that in itself is frightening.

What game on any other console, besides a pack in title have sold more than 8 million units? You could list them on one hand.

Sony and PD would be thrilled with 8 million sold. I would bet my house on that.

MisterNiwa2986d ago

You are named after a Pokémon, how much credit can I give on your opinion?

Shadow Flare2986d ago

Well darkcharizard is talking complete rubbish because gran turismo 3 released early on in ps2's life (there was around 25 million ps2's or something at the time) and GT3 went on to sell 15 million. These games have long legs and huge selling power. GT5 Prologue alone sold 4.5 million and that was really early in ps3's life, and it was a demo. So go figure

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MeatPopsicle2986d ago


GT3 was released in 2001. Just a year after the PS2 launched and has sold some 15 million copies.

naruto girl2986d ago

im thinking 4, or 5 million numbers. if it released last year it could have had a chance of getting to 9 million, but all of the delays hurt it.

another bad decision by sony.

MeatPopsicle2986d ago


The GT 5 demo sold 5 million copies...

MisterNiwa2986d ago

You are named after a drawn guy combined with girl, so in the end you are a transvestite, how much credit can I give on your opinion?

Not a slightest bit of credit.

dredgewalker2986d ago


She doesn't have to add "girl" to Naruto. He's already head over heels for Sasuke.....made me give up reading the manga. One Piece forever!

silvacrest2986d ago

i dont get your comment, its not like people interested in GT5 suddenly wont buy it because it is now available, even taking into account how long it took to arrive, true GT fans will pick it up and there are alot of them

nycredude2986d ago


Damn the Trolls are truly dumb asses. Ps3 install base is larger now than last year so if anything it will help sales! LOL Total fail comment!

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I just sold on ebay, Black Ops, Playstation Move Starter Pack and my Navigation Controller, so i can buy a Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel for GT5 and also looking to order the CE edition of GT5

Im going to buy another PS Move Starter Pack and Nav Controller when Killzone 3 comes out.

Also to anyone wondering why i sold black sick of host migration in black pisses me off, i want to play the damn game and maybe its just me, but it happens so much when im playing, Killzone 2 is more than enough for my first person shooter needs.


AceofStaves2986d ago

Should I buy a wheel, or stick with the controller until I get the hang of it?

LordMarius2986d ago

I suggest you stick to the controller, there might be a chance you wont like it since its your first GT.

Terarmzar2986d ago

Gt Prologue was my first Gran Turismo game and i loved it being the car enthusiast i am. If you love cars you will most likely love this game, if you dont well there is enough other features in the game to keep you interested.

Graey2986d ago

I would agree with the above poster. I mean I've never played it with the wheel before and I love the game. But having played previous ones. I have now gotten the wheel... Its literally sitting in the box, still wrapped in plastic waiting for that game. I'll take it out this sunday and mess with it a bit, but yes I'd wait to see how you feel about it.

Its a car enthusiats wet dream. Its not like need for speed or, blur or any of that. Its more real know.

iPad2986d ago

Stick to the controller. Once you get really good, get the wheel

sigfredod2986d ago

GT5P was my first GT game with a wheel and if you want to be competitive online and get the full experience you need one

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