Microsoft Fail to Deliver on Kinect Early Adopter Promise

Prior to release, Microsoft had announced the availability of a special bonus for Xbox LIVE subscribers when purchasing the Xbox 360’s recently released full-body motion control device, Kinect. However, upon now having had access to multiple Kinect UK retail packages, Electronic Theatre can confirm that none included the previously revealed voucher.

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hennessey862990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

i got the voucher for the additional levels

@the dissagrees. I got the voucher with kinect at game in preston

MrMccormo2990d ago

Note that this is a UK site....meaning they are likely speaking on behalf of that region.

Although I apologise if you happened to be in the UK.

ryuzu2989d ago

According to the article the addtional stuff is/was not on XBL either.

This is a little old now though...


gamingdroid2989d ago

This actually affected me. I pre-ordered Kinect at the MS Store online albeit at a heavy discoun due to a promotion and I didn't receive the pre-order bonus.

However, it was never advertised at the online MS Store either, nor did I receive one of those stickers that says "DO NOT SELL BEFORE..." like the ones that do at retail.

So I'm not sure, but if enough people scream about this MS might just do something about it!

jaredhart2989d ago

That sux if people in UK are being shafted.

Blaster_Master2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Kinect fails to deliver on an actual good game. I dont know why there is even an argument if Kinect > Move simply for the fact that you cant control character movement kinect games? Kinect doesn't have analog sticks at all. Therefore could never substitute a controller unless its on rails. Sorry but are we not past games on rails? If that was the case there would be more arcades with this tech and consoles would have failed by now.

niceguywii602989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Scoring better than those patched games and full motion? games on Move.


I can't even find Move games because there is no games for it just patched games.

The Fight: Lights Out 49

SingStar Dance 62

ryuzu2989d ago

You mean like this?

Sports Champions 76
Kinect Sports 72

Well the easy comparisons end there, but

Kinect Adventures 64
Kinect Joyride 53

Well I'll take Tumble (74), Resi 5, and Heavy Rain - native Move game or not.

In fact even The Shoot and Fight are tracking Kinect game scores....


Hallmark Moment2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

SingStar Dance: 62
Dance Central: 83

What is your point. The really easy ones end there, Ok maybe not lol

The Fight: Lights out: 49
Kung fU rIDER: 36

Kinect games are outscoring Move games overall all over the web not just Metacritic.

Moentjers2989d ago

at least, we have patched games. you have euh... ???

SWORDF1SH2989d ago

@ All the above.

Do you really want to defend stupid casual games for kinect and move???

Lets not be stupid and save the comparison to when each have a decent line up of games that we would actually buy.

Lets be honest none have a killer game but we should be excited for the next wave of Move and Kinect games at up coming game shows. Both have potential for great games. lets save the comparisons til then and not argue over dance games and broken fighting games.

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