Movemodo review: The Sly Collection (PS3 / PlayStation Move)

Quoting Movemodo's Christopher Ingram:

"The Sly Cooper Collection is a must-have title for any platforming fan such as Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter or Super Mario Bros.. Sure to charm gamers new and old to the series, the difficulty throughout the series is balanced enough to be enjoyed by gamers of all ages as well. This is simply put, a series that is not to be missed. Sly Cooper is sure to sneak into gamers' hearts once again around the world."

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Cloudberry2983d ago

A good warm up before Sly 4.

Whenever that is.

Rage_S902983d ago

never played sly before how does it compare to rachet and clank/jack and daxted

will get this me thinks

nycredude2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I've bought it first day and haven't played anything else. If you like platforming games you NEED to get this. Top quality games with plenty of charm. They did an excellent job with the HD remake, everything looks sharp and framerate is excellent! I am glad they made this cause I never got around to playing these games on the Ps2. Compared to Rachet and Clank I would say the story isn't as deep but gameplay wise it holds it's own.

Edit; I agree with MeatPopsicle it really is like playing a saturday morning cartoon. So much fun.

MeatPopsicle2983d ago

Very little actual fighting in the Sly games. For most of the game when you are playing as Sly it is all about platforming and stealth.

I would say the games are the easiest of the three franchises. They are pleasant and enjoyable games anyone should be able to complete all the way through. The controls are tight. Running around and jumping from building to building just feels really good in the Sly games.

Like the Jak games, you have distinct areas that you are in for a while with a set of missions/objectives you can play in any order.

eggbert2983d ago

my only gripes is the jungle/prison levels in Sly 2.

The mapping of those areas was just terrible.

Kewl_Kat2983d ago

ratchet & clank > jak > sly cooper

Don't get me wrong, in no way I'm saying the Sly series is bad. If Ratchet was a 9.5, Jak would be a 9 and Sly would be 8.5

ratchet = collecting weapons, more emphasis on comedic plot
jak = darker plot
sly = stealth, avoiding enemies more encouraged than fighting them


Rage_S902983d ago

sweet ill buy this after finish a crack in time then its gt5 time :D

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Convas2983d ago

Now you know why we love Sly Cooper So DAMN MUCH.

Now, join us as we await Sly Cooper 4's inevitable advent.

MeatPopsicle2983d ago

Got my copy a couple days ago and it is gaming heaven. The cell shading looks gorgeous. Silky smooth frame rate. As many other people have described the Sly games as, just like playing a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

About the only things I could say against the collection is the games may be too easy for some long time gamers and the box art just plain is awful.

nycredude2983d ago

Definitely easy but there are spikes of difficulty. you need good reflexes and hand eye coordination to play this game.

knowledge4lfe2983d ago

best 40 dollars i've spent this year. never played the cooper series before this. i don't know what i was doing . but i'm glad i have it now. bring on more HD collections

mushroomwig2983d ago

I know the title features trophies, but can anyone confirm if it's one set of trophies for all three games or three sets like the God Of War collection.

Thanks in advance. :]

MeatPopsicle2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Three complete sets of Trophies with three Plats each.

Plus there are about 10? Move minigames that have Trophies. No Plat.

fei-hung2983d ago

for those who have played it, how do the move controls work in the game and what are they used for?

Dark-Cloud2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

can someone tell us ? ... i have move but no good new games for it -.- ......... i want something good for it like uncharted 2 and killzone 3 ( it already have it ) ... sorcery looks good :) but these games in next year -.- ... i want good games right now T_T ..

nycredude2983d ago

Get The Fight Lights out NAO! Forget the reviews they don't know how to play. That game is RAD!

fei-hung2983d ago

Time Crisis Razing Storm is a brilliant fun game, especially when played with a friend. the Venom Gun accessory is also really cheap if you buy it online and makes the game more fun.

The Fight is nothing like what majority of reviewers have made it out to be. If you want an accurate depiction of what the game is like, check out the sarcastic gamer review!

and if you dont have it already, I would recommend you get MAG and Sports Champions :)

Dark-Cloud2983d ago

oh ... i heared time crisis is good , but never saw someone playing the fight ... i think i'll buy them , i already have MAG - RE5 and i completed heavy rain but not with move so i don't want to buy it again - i don't want to buy sports champions because i played the demo and i didn't like it , maybe the full game is a little diffrent but it's not my type of games ... i guess i'll buy time crisis - the fight and i'll buy the gun for killzone 3 and time crisis ... i hope you guys are right , because right now , people opinion isn't good for me , like some people like fallout or dead space or even halo and i hate these type of games so they have diffrent taste , and im not someone who buy anything i see , i onnly buy the best games because im already bored of games , i played mroe then 100 games in the ps3 , i have the ps3 since 2006 , so not any game i see i like it even if it's good ...i bought move because i believe that it can make really good games if some developers have good ideas , i already have an idea but i can't make a game >.< ....

TooTall192983d ago

It was a tough call between Sly Collection and The Fight. GameStop didn't have either game out on the floor, so I had to tell the store manager what's up.

I ended up getting The Fight despite the reviews, and I must say I have no regrets so far. This game is the real deal if you're willing to put in the effort. I will be picking up Sly when it gets closer to the holidays and my nephew is in town.

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