Naughty Dog: Uncharted 3 inspired by ICO

Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has revealed that Japanese cult classic ICO is a major influence on its work - including the project it's creating "right now". You know, the one beginning with 'Uncharted' and ending in '3'.

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PSfan092987d ago

i think im going to pre-order uncharted 3 right now.
Its just that epic

LightofDarkness2987d ago

Gamestop have it on the list.

OneSneakyMofo2987d ago

If Ico inspired Uncharted 3, expect it to be someplace in the highlands with castles, perhaps Ireland?

perfectCarbonara2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Well, not necessarily OneSneakyMofo. Inspiration can come from anywhere, the game could be set in space and it could still be Ico that inspires them with the overall emotions or feeling it evokes for instance.

Not necessarily art direction.

Red_Orange_Juice2987d ago

<comment praising Uncharted 3 >

-Alpha2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I'm hoping they borrow story elements as opposed to setting or anything like that. UC2 had strong dialogue but a better story would be awesome. Lazaravich was a little too bland of a villain for me. If you would borrow from anybody in terms of story Team ICO is the way to go

crxss2987d ago

Anybody smell a marketing scheme? Regardless I'm getting both day one!

yoshiroaka2987d ago


yea i agree that Lazaravich was very bland. I think the problem was that they spent almost no time on him. You barley see him for the game so when he comes in at the end he just come off as a genric baddie and made the climatic last battle a little disappointing for me.

I hope in the next one they really develop a really good villan that you could get emotional about. Larz was meh.

DigitalAnalog2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Where did ND explicitly state they're making Uncharted 3? Is this a cvg quote making assumptions? All I see is project "right now" and has something to do to make it "ICO-like" which Uncharted is completly different. Maybe they're making a new IP?

ICO is one of the most expansive platforming experiences on a console while Uncharted is more of a scripted linearity. It's hard to believe a game like Uncharted can take something out of ICO.

-End statement

AKS2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Amy Hennig said in an interview around the time Shadow of Colossus came out that she found the original ICO to be haunting and inspiring. Ted Price and Tim Schafer also praised it in the same article. ICO's poor game sales and perception of the game by the general public does not limit the impact it has had on developers. Every developer worth it's salt took a very careful look at ICO when it was released, and that included some of the absolute best in the business. It's not at all surprising that it continues to influence games now, including games of different genres.

When I saw the early pictures of an untitled "Naughty Dog Game," which eventually became Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the FIRST game I thought of looking at the environments and style was ICO.

I dug up my first comments about the original Uncharted from another forum:

"February 8, 2007, 2:48 PM CST by AKS
This game appears to finally have a name to go with the pretty face [Uncharted]. Looking at the lush environments in these screens, I'm getting really eager to see another game from Fumito Ueda (of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus fame) someday, although it will probably take him years to actually release another game."

Steve_02987d ago

I remember seeing footage of Uncharted back when it was known as BIG... The fluid animation, lush environments, and character details... When I saw Naughty Dog logo, I knew then and there that I was looking at something special.
Uncharted is easily my favourite new IP this gen, and it's up there with my all time classics. I feel like playing some Uncharted: Drakes Fortune now...

DigitalAnalog2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

That didn't answer my question. Where exactly did THEY state they were going to MAKE Uncharted 3? It seems to me CVG somehow just pulled that comment out of thin air.

This is the opening line for the article:

"Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has revealed that Japanese cult classic ICO is a major influence on its work - including the project it's creating "right now"."

No doubt a lot of developers are taking inspiration from ICO, which to say (taking risks and the like) and not necessarily the gameplay. You can pretty much say ND took the subject of "partnership" hence characters like Elena or Sully are so damn memorable. I can pretty much conclude that was a homage to ICO's Yorda or SoTC' Argo. Peter Molyneux took the "holding hands" aspect and brought it to Fable 3.

-End statement

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vsr2987d ago


Acquiescence2987d ago

Someone get a sick bag. But make sure all the sick is emptied out of it first.

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BillOreilly2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

All uncharteds borrow from ico. Have any of you played it, the platforming is right out of ico. Same thing pretty much. I think people hype games without playing it here. Ico was a an ok game that sold for crap, sotc came out and all of a sudden ico was everybodys fav game. Ico had atmoshere and art design though with good puzzles. It was fun but nothing was memorable until people saw the end of sotc and you become ico or his grandpa or whatev.

guzman2987d ago

I think it's time for you to have a juicebox full of STFU and spend some downtime in the "no spin zone", Billy.

ComboBreaker2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

You just don't understand do you? No matter how much you badmouth Ico and SotC, it ain't gonna change the fact that they're legendary games.

Developers and gamers alike love Ico and SotC. Your badmouthing isn't going to change their masterpiece status anytime soon.

cmrbe2987d ago

Inspire. It dosent mean it will be like ICO which i hope not.

showtimefolks2987d ago

uncharted 3 lol but its gonna be uncharted 3 than hopefully a new jak game made by ND

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Cloudberry2987d ago

Dare I say...

Announcement at VGA 2010 maybe?


dosgrtr2987d ago

that is very likely since uncharted 2 was shown at VGA 08

Stuart57562987d ago

Defo, then footage at E3 2011 and the a fall 2011 release, perfect timing!

showtimefolks2987d ago

fall 2011 is booked for TLG

also twisted metal
resistance 3
getaway 3
eight days

in think uncharted 3 will be in early 2012 like march or something

BornToKill2987d ago

i might just have a heart attack.

showtimefolks2987d ago

i am too pumped to call 911 right now lol

PR_FROM_OHIO2987d ago

Naughty Dog+ICO=GREATEST GAME EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Idree2987d ago

Recipy for greatness right there!

Loved ICO & SoTC, hope they somehow pull it off :)

Chromer2987d ago

I believe Naughty Dog means to create something better than Uncharted 2 that it will transcend the generations and take its place amongst the Gaming Legends such as ICO.

SaberEdge2987d ago

I think the Uncharted games have already achieved their rightful place among masterpieces like Ico and SOTC.

DigitalAnalog2987d ago

Are in it's own league. They do not conform to the "normal" standards in the gaming world. Games like Portal belong to this category as well.

Uncharted can push the technicalities and gameplay to another degree but that is a totally different story.

-End statement