Hecker: I stand by my Wii is s*** rant

Chris Hecker, the developer behind 2007's infamous "the Wii is sh*t" rant, has for the first time revealed the true extent of the impact his comments have had on his career.

In 2007, while at Maxis working on PC game Spore, Hecker took to the stage at the Game Developer Conference and called Nintendo's motion sensing console "a piece of sh*t", labelling it "two Gamecubes duct-taped together".

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Blacktric2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Cocky cock. These types of idiots are the cancer in the gaming industry.

nnotdead2983d ago

don't know why you're so mad. i think he has a point from a developer and gamer stand point. Nintendo took a risk and it paid off, but they also turned their back on the more core gamer.

Blacktric2983d ago

"don't know why you're so mad."

"...Hecker took to the stage at the Game Developer Conference and called Nintendo's motion sensing console "a piece of sh*t", labelling it "two Gamecubes duct-taped together"

Is this quote enough?

n4f2983d ago

even if developer has a point of view that doesnt mean that you can blame it entirely on the console itself

N4g_null2983d ago

I wonder if core gamers play mega man, buy retro games, play Mario kart do speed runs in Mario 5 go for high scores in sin and punishment enjoyed tweaking the first ever true motion controlled fps online for free.

The casuals are the hd gamers they literally buy one type of game faithfully, fps or cod halo or some hyped ps3 exclusive that aways sells less than fps on the same system.

I've said it before you core gamers are just pc gamers. You didn't like console games before and you don't like them now. Most of you hate the games from the past. You can't stand the challeng or graphics most times. That's how pc gamers felt and now look at what a dead end that has become.

ChickeyCantor2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

"but they also turned their back on the more core gamer." the beginning it was just a cry from people who felt "disappointed" it just lost its merit( if it had any to begin with).

Call me crazy, but games like epic kirby show how wrong the MARKET( and im talking about the so called hardcore gamers) of today is. To many whiners, little who actual people who like games.

nnotdead2983d ago

@blacktric- still don't understand the anger. the Wii has always been criticized about its processing power. he just said it in a way more blunt and vulgar fashion. it seems like he thought the motion control tech was great, but tact on to a weak system. this of course was Nintendos plan and it has payed off well for them.

@scissor- Mega Man 9&10 are on the PS3 and 360, and seems to sell well. not to mention the classics both PSN and Live supply. i guess other consoles owner also enjoy "retro" games. i have no clue about speed runs and high score, but Arcade games sell well and they tend to built around tracking high scores.

yes there are plenty of casual gamers who own PS3 and 360, and COD and Halo tend to sell well. don't really know where you're going with this. other games like Red Dead, MGS4, Fable, GT, Forza , Ratchet and Clank, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, etc also seem to sell well.

i do play on the PC as well, but i've been gaming on consoles since the 2600. your statement is false sense you where reply to me. not to mention some of the most beloved games from the past where on the PC, and there are still a following for text adventures. can't get any simpler in graphics than that.

@sidar- while games like Kirby may be fun, i think they don't speak to gamings core audience. it also seems that they don't speak to the Wiis audience. unless it has Mario on the cover or comes with a peripheral, games don't seem to sell well on the Wii.

i was never disappointed by the Wii. i always felt like it was a lame gimmick. still feel that way. only Wii Sports uses the Wiimote tech well. the other good games just use it for gimmicky waggle moves. most of the good games can be played better using a GC or classic controller.

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TANUKI2983d ago

"two Gamecubes duct-taped together".

That's too harsh...

ryuzu2983d ago

What, 1 gamecube and 1 N64 duct taped?


Pennywise2983d ago

Too harsh? That is being generous. The wii is ONE gamecube.

Nintendo got away with murder calling their waggle machine next gen.

kaveti66162983d ago

Is that really equivalent to murder?

Your idea of what next gen means is not Nintendo's idea. Nintendo brought something new to the table.

MS and Sony just brought their consoles to mid-level PC standards.

I think the Wii is as much a next gen machine, if not more so, than 360 or PS3.

Certainly you think the PS3 and 360 have better looking titles, but that's pretty much all they are.

Corepred42983d ago

"I think the Wii is as much a next gen machine, if not more so, than 360 or PS3. "


xXxSeTTriPxXx2983d ago

i agree with you 1000%.they got away with highway robbery with the wii.never have i seen a repackaged console with a new peripheral get this much praise.

nintendo knows how to sucker them,and make them love it.

@ kaveti6616 how can you call a repackaged console a up grade? releasing new peripheral make a already existing console next gen.

so i guess the ps3 is a new console for releasing the move?..nintendo could've made motion controls for the GC.

face it, nintendo was dead with core gamers (two bad console cycles in a row will do that)so they repackaged the GC for uninformed (casual) consumers and they bit.

dead_eye2983d ago

It's all about graphics. If it wasn't I'd still be playing my commodore 64.

N4g_null2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


Well the hd guys are hoping to hang on to their consoles by joining nintendo so it would seem they are going back just to go forward.

Both motion control setups actualy take away power for those hd fap to gasp at.

I mean really if you've really play the good pc fps you would realize that hd consoles can't even do those games.

Well anyway don't you have some hd games to trade in or a black ops patch to download?

Oh yeah you have to understand the wii's gpu is older than the gc. It is one of the best fix function gpus out. On top of this it only has 88 megs. It out puts Mario galaxy 1&2 which out do the insomniac guys. Yet the ps3 has 256 megs of gpu ram. Why hd games are not 176 megs better is beyond me.

I hope the next wii is 4 wii duck taped together!
Gc x2 is actualy pretty good they just need a gpu with shaders sort of like what the did with the 3ds.

Enjoy the excuses now nintendo is going open gl 3 it seems next gen. They just perfected all of their games except metroid. Next gen expect to see killer instinct and f zero etc.

ChickeyCantor2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

"Nintendo got away with murder calling their waggle machine next gen."

Dunno man, it actually pushed the industry forward on the user interface( controllers )....there is a reason why Sony and MS are doing it in full confidence now.

People can call it a step backward, but that would be wrong. Nintendo showed there is so much more potential for the game industry.

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bananlol2983d ago

I actually duct-taped my wii, the ac adapter and a usb harddrive together. Shure it looks ugly as sin but im a funtionality>aesthetics kinda guy. Only thing that bugs me though is the fact that the classic controller must be pluged in to a wii contoller. Couldnt they just have made it with batteries and a bluethooth controller?

user8586212983d ago

lulzzz wii fanboys defending the wii cuz it has mario n zelda....

Blacktric2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

lullz troll trying to defend himself because he's not a gamer and a pathetic sad troll.

Yeah because Super Mario Brothers, Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong, these are all "kiddy games" right? Grow up kid. It's obvious that you started gaming barely in this generation. Stop talking trash about a legendary company and its legendary consoles and games.

user8586212983d ago

a am a gamer sadly not a casual kiddy gamer :)

JaggedCarpet2983d ago

Maybe it's because Mario and Zelda games are better than most games out there, sub-par graphics and all.

turok2983d ago

ur more of a troll servant to GROL than an actual gamer.

n4f2983d ago

please leave the guy alone its clear hes retarded

ChickeyCantor2983d ago

"lulzzz wii fanboys defending the wii cuz it has mario n zelda...."

Missing out on these games is a shame. It really is.
Have fun on missing out.
( sure you can argue those are not your kind of games, but to dismiss them as if they aren't good or anything is pathetic)

AWBrawler2982d ago

I have in this month alone got No more heroes 2, Red Steel 2, Goldeneye 007, and Black Ops. yeha thats so freaking kiddy huh?

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Rage_S902983d ago

i used to have a wii but i gave it to my sister it was a huge let down although i do want to play smg2 and the new zelda as well as some smash bros an mario kart but i dont think it was that great....

N4g_null2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Lol man you sound bi polar. I like sex but you know I never get excited about it any more. That's what you sound like. Or maybe you actually feel like so many people dump on the wii you got bullied at gamestop in to not liking it. Or maybe your addicted to online gaming reveng, you'll spam those noobs till your no longer a noob right.

I love a lot of hd games but I actualy got the ones I wanted for the pc. We actualy have hd consoles and test kits at work. No one plays them unless we are debugging. Tried to get hyped over hd gaming but it was like getting an a cup stripper to come to the office, how much did we pay for this? We keep asking our selves who paid them to release this? Then the icing was hillarious every one fell for the hd hype trains.

People stopped laughing when vets started closing there doors because the casual hd where not actualy real console gamers. They where pc gamers that had not experienced the difference sort of like virgin gay guys you know. Then they proclaim gay sex is better lol. Oh well I really don't care as long as you guys keep gaming.

The media well keep feeding you that bias you know and love till you look back and see what crap you've bought over the years.

Scotland-The-Brave2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

@ your post below "the ps2 was crap" Seriously?
"Ps2 games couldnt reach the graphic polish of the GC" Thats the dumbest thing ive heard on this site. Who wouldav thought it would come from a nintendo fanboy.
HAHAH! nintendo fanboys still exist LOL, i thought you were all dead.

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