Crytek: How we're making a 90 rated game

Crytek has denied it's feeling the pressure after EA confidently proclaimed upcoming shooter Crysis 2 will be a 90 rated game, but has admitted meeting EA's lofty expectation is one hell of a challenge.

In August EA Partners boss David DeMartini told Eurogamer that Crysis 2 is "going to be another 90 rated game from Crytek".

While executive producer Nathan Camarillo didn't want to comment on DeMartini's assertion when quizzed by Eurogamer, he revealed the difficulty Crytek faces as it strives to reach that magical number.

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Mr Microsoft2988d ago

I hope this game turns out like everyone, including myself, expect it to.

JonDiskonected2987d ago

I'm getting tired of crytek constantly throwing themselves flowers

IaMs122987d ago

Why did some disagree, shouldnt they shoot for a 100 rating game? No?

Flashwave_UK2987d ago

i hate crytek stupid dumb Fks cant make a good game i doubt it at least a 60 score all you guys care about is tech i played crisis one it was crap 60 hour fps with out any diffrent gameplay styles exept swimming (fail)

iamgoatman2987d ago

Don't lie, you blatantly haven't played the first Crysis.

"with out any diffrent gameplay styles exept swimming (fail)"

Yeah, lets completely ignore the large open world levels, along with the nano suit function that allowed a huge amount of freedom and creativity when completing objects. Want to play stealthy and snipe from a distance? No problem! Want to rush in guns blazing? No problem! Want to sneak in undetected and silently take each guard out one by one? No problem! But of course, you can stick to your linear FPS games if you like.

Oh and by the way, the first Crysis has a 92 on meta, and the 2nd iteration looks to be even better than the first.