Kinect Sales Reach 1.3m Units

With ten days of release in the Americas and four days of release across Europe, VGChartz estimates that around 1.3 million Kinect sensors have now been sold-through to consumers worldwide. Breaking this down by region - 950,000 Kinect sensors have been sold in the Americas, 130,000 in the UK and around 200,000 across the rest of Europe.

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Shanks2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

VGCrap, your numbers are nothing but shadow and dust.

Hiruma Youchi2985d ago

Dint hear you say that when they posted Move numbers.

Next_Up2985d ago

Article has nothing to do with move mate. Why so defensively butthurt?

R2D22985d ago

VChartz is made by 360 fanboys
VChartz is under MS wallet
VChartz is Crap

You do realize that they say ESTIMATED right.

JokesOnYou2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

vgcharts also had been within 50k of NPD numbers for the majority of this year, do people understand how hard that would be to do if you were just "guessing"??? I'd say thats pretty good for a "Free" site given the enormous task of trying to track "sold to consumer".

The ones who complain the most about vgchartz never have links showing vgchartz data is "consistently" off more than 5-10% from more established tracking firms, NOPE they just yell, kick and scream vg sucks!, Yet they keep reading AND commenting on supposedly useless numbers. lol Now go back to the short period of time when ps3 was leading on vgcharts estimates for a few months, yep you guessed it, theres much less hate for vgchartz in those threads. YES occasionaly vg is waaay off, but some folks hate them with a passion as if they paid for vgchartz data and expect them to be + or - 1%, lol you'll notice Greenburg never dissed vgchartz until their kinect estimates which obviously points to him having reason/info kinect sold much better otherwise he would of just rolled with it and not said anything.

@visualb, any proof of that, do you know how many unfounded rumors are started on NeoGaf, don't get me wrong it could be true and NeoGaf have certainly exposed alot about of unknown facts about gaming, however for every 1 unkown fact exposed theres hundreds of made up rumors.

Boody-Bandit2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Did you miss the article where Aaron Greenburg himself, you know MS's number one PR guy, dismissed VGChartz as crap? It's not PSFan anything but merely people with common logic that know their stat tracking is fictious and not factual.

All of their articles regarding numbers should be marked as rumor. They can post their made up bullshit numbers till their little hearts are content but only ignorant trolls and fanboys take them serious. Oh wait, I see why you back their number tracking.

"You do realize that they say ESTIMATED right."
All the more reason their articles should be listed as a rumor.

Anon19742985d ago

Actually, VGChartz have often been as much as 20-30% off NPD numbers for the majority of the year. Then, when NPD numbers come out they adjust their figures.

That's why you can't trust these numbers. Their meaningless, and even they don't stand by their weekly figures. When real numbers come out they say "Oh crap. We weren't even close," and then an adjustment is made.

But what can we expect. It's a fan run site that calls around to stores, gets a couple of numbers (or recruits guys who work in retail stores to give them some figures we no way of ensuring accuracy) and then they guess the rest. When their figures aren't even in the ballpark to more reliable figures, they fix them.

Long term there might be some use for VGChartz numbers but short term numbers like these are almost always so far off it's not even funny.

We need to stop approving these fake numbers. In encourage everyone to click on the VGChartz link below "Read full story" and rank the quality of this article. Eventually, if enough do this the quality filter on N4G will start weeding out these articles out from the real news.

rroded2985d ago

not a bad start for ms now if they can keep up the momentum for the holidays...

still a long shot imo the only peeps ive seen buying this are hardcore 360 owners even most of them dont want it...

hakis862985d ago

You mean the 1.5mill Move sales after 7 days?

number472985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

that it was a flop...

#1. Aaron Greenberg LOL's @ VGChartz.

Quote: "LOL'ing at sales reports from VGChartz, why do people release info as official when there is no source or science behind the #s?" http://gamrconnect.vgchartz...

This should settle it bots. Your own president laughs at this source...

Its started by a 360 fanboy banned from neogaf for always fudging the 360 #'s.

Enjoy VGChartz morons.

Its nothing but a Microsoft Fanboy making up #'s which is why they are always corrected massively when actual data is released.

and lets say the #'s are right



insomnium22985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

And think about all the **** who still write comments like this one from above "People don't like the truth when it goes against
Their console religion. ". They MUST be saying things like that on purpose....right? They simply CANNOT be that ****. I mean how many times must these **** be proven wrong?

There might be even a flop (on x360 fans terms) in the making here. If vgchartz says they sold 1,3 million the actual figures might be well under a million. Doesn't look good with the 500 mil adverts.

vsr2985d ago

Waiting for the official SHIPPED numbers

darthv722985d ago

I think the main issue people have with this site is most likely the nature of the person who created it. Rather than being a more neutral type of gamer he has been blacklisted as a 360 fanboy.

True or false, we all should simply take the results provided with a grain of salt. Obviously we all get a little bit giddy when numbers come out and sites like VGCharts are jumping the gun with estimated numbers to thwart us.

When the real ones are released we then slam VGC for being wrong instead of seeing it for what it is. An estimation of what 'could' be or close to it. I dont play the numbers game but I will admit that I sneak a peak on NPD and Media Create just to see what sales trends are happening.

We can argue about this night and day but we are also all guilty of looking at them.

JokesOnYou2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I was curious with all the talk about vgchartz and I like to decipher fact from opinion so I googled the info for myself.

This is the thread where he was banned because apparently some members accused him of "using" neogaf to get hits for his site in media create threads, he was warned not to "spam" his site anymore, then consequently banned by a mod named Amir0x after linking his site again in another post. I saw no mention of him being a 360fanboy actual he was accused of always "inflating" wii software sales and underestimated the others. He explained himself well and the only reason I could tell he was ultimately banned is because many didn't like his attitude and of course mods believe him to have an agenda to promote his site using neogaf, which I dont doubt was his key motive.

Some major business's like Forbes, Fortune, The New York Post, The New York Times and of course some gaming sites have qouted vgchartz #'s because again if you use them only for what they are, an estimate they are generally reliable for sales trends. Gamesutra actually did an analysis of vgchartz and although they pointed out a few occasions that vgchartz was totally inaccurate they also stated:
"Most of the time, they are quite close compared to the worldwide charts. That's because VGChartz is - like services such as The SimExchange."
And again this seems to be a very fair unbiased analysis of vg that concluded with: "if I was a writer or analyst trying to extrapolate significant information from the resource, especially regarding those titles which don't chart regularly, given the major discrepancies with other figures shown here, I would not recommend it."

Its easy for their detractors to use the relatively few occasions when their data has been waaay off to say the site is terrible at tracking sales data, but they ignore the other more consistent times when the data is withing 10-15% of more reliable *paid firms, much like Kobe or Jordan haters use their poor games as a evidence to downplay all their accomplishments.

I welcome any comparison charts showing vg sales with huge discrepencies from npd for a consistent time frame, all I was able to find were a few articles here and there saying vgchartz estimate for a few individual software titles showed a large discrepency. I don't particularly care about the site or who owns it but after years of vgchartz being dedicated to at least "trying" to provide sales data, and from my own knowledge being close to NPD more often than not, again for those of us who like to have an idea what the latest sales trends are, I appreciate their efforts, those who hate them should just ignore vg threads.

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visualb2985d ago

and the guy who started VGChartz was a notorious 360 fanboy banned from NeoGaf for constantly posting fake sales numbers that were inflated for 360 and deflated for PS3

I'd say, yeah, VGCharts has no say, its just a "360 fanboys wet dream" sales site...

would this also mean Kinect would have sold less?

Hiruma Youchi2985d ago

Any proof? oh and I do remember Vgchartz giving big PS3 sales that were higher then the actual ones. Dint see you complain then.

Mr_Bun2985d ago

EVERY VGChartz article should be filed under "Rumor". Technically it should file under "Fake" but "Rumor" at the very least

wanaraceu2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

As I said before these are crap numbers it's no surprise as m$ has spent 500 million marketing kinect!
A polished turd would fly of shelves if it had 500 mil advertising budget.

That would mean each one sold cost m$ 500 for each one sold

MeatPopsicle2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

"Any proof? "


The little Xbox fan name was ioi on neogaf. His lies were so bad that I believe his name and site are censored out and you will get banned if you try to mention his fake sales number site vgchartz.

"oh and I do remember Vgchartz giving big PS3 sales that were higher then the actual ones. Dint see you complain then."

As if gamers needed any more examples of the ridiculous fanboy lies the Xbox fan who runs vgchartz. The 'high PS3 sales' one is hilarious.

Vgchartz had been repeatedly getting caught making laughably low PS3 sales numbers stories. Even Xbox fans were balking at how far the kid running the site was lying about PS3 sales.

So the little punk immediately put out some new sales numbers that ridiculously over counted that week's or month's PS3 sales and then immediately started babbling about "Look! This proves I'm not just some little kid Xbox fan!"

What a joke.

visualb2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I don't get the 10 disagree's, I myself was skeptical of this just a week ago, and then I was provided proof, and now its quite obvious VGChartz is as reliable as any fanboy run website on the net.

disagree all you want, its quite self evident considering the way VGCharts works is by calling up some local gamestores and using that info to guess all the sales...

thats why most of the time VGChartz is filed under rumor...because thats all it is , a random assed guess

and hiruma, are you going to troll everyone's comment by saying "Dint see you complain then." ?

did I even comment on that article? how would you remember if I didn't complain then or not?

wow you are a sore one...get over it, its VGCharts, PS3 or 360 or wii sales:


frostypants2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Google it. I'm sick of every time someone points out VGChartz bannination from Neogaf, some schlub asks for proof. He's not your research department. Look it up yourself. People have even discussed it on VGChartz own forums. Whether or not you think it's true doesn't change the fact that it is. VGChartz and its founder are banned from Neogaf. Fact.

Theonik2985d ago

There's a reason why posting Vgchartz numbers is a bannable offence on GAF. Vgchartz numbers are nothing but glorified guesses.

stuna12985d ago

That is not saying too much! Considering how much marketing might has been put behind kinects from the offset. 500 million dollars of marketing might, sure there are those who would argue that that's for a year of exposure, but realise that move has been able to accomplish this at a fraction of the price tag, without the Ellen Degeneros's, Ophra Winfrey's of the media to promote it. I think credit should be given where it's due.

If you like kinects game on! But someone likes the competition product don't sh#t on it, or discount it, because you may not like it! Believe me there is someone out that thinks differently.

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PS360fanboy2985d ago

OMG! Who buys this stuff?!

seinfan2985d ago

Didn't an MS rep joke about this site's estimates? I would think it sold more than what they're stating. So you should probably cry harder.

Motion controls are destroying video games.

frostypants2985d ago

Aaron Greenberg himself made fun of them last week.

niceguywii602985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

MSFT already laughed at the first numbers VGC predicted.


"I don't remember any Move owners clinging to VGC for Move sales"

Thugbot1872985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

In the years i've been coming to this site. The one thing I can say is Sony fanboys will say yea for VGChartz when it reports numbers they like.

To the same note I don't see too many 360 fanboys doing the same thing but there are a few. I guess its not so obvious on this site because there are more pro Sony people on this site.

My point is get over it, its only an estimate. If the same article was about the move I doubt any of these same people would be saying the same thing. Don't believe me search all previous articles with VGChartz and Sony doing well, look at many of the same people putting it down now. You will see they are giving a big thumbs up to VGChartz....

VGChartz is not a 360 fan site, because throughout the history and again check articles on this site, 360 numbers didn't always look good. There have been many positive PS3 numbers reported. On top of that VGChartz was challenging NPD at one point, so if they are so much of 360 fanboys why would they challenge, saying they are as accurate for cheaper?

I guess its silly writing this because I don't expect many people here to have the IQ to comprehend what I was talking about in the slightest bit, but to those that do we see the hypocrisy in many of the comments.

Pedobear Rocks2985d ago

has never 'challenged''re on crack.

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Narutone662985d ago

whatever, it's vgchartz anyway. They can report any numbers they like without proofs.

MaximusPrime2985d ago

"VGChartz estimates"...

Stopped reading from there

Kurisu2985d ago

I think official numbers are going to be much bigger than this.

2985d ago
playstation_clan2985d ago

silly fanboy salez are for chumps

Spartanv072985d ago

you didn't say that last gen.

mcstorm2985d ago

I agree with you. Kinect sales will be high even if this site dose not like it. When I went to Pick Kinect up last Wed at 11:30am there will still loads of people coming in the shop to pick up Kinect.

I think Kinect will be the new wii and I have to give it to MS for pulling this off as well as what they have done this gen getting the XBOX name into the homes of millions of gamers homes.

Its now up to Sony and Nintendo to try and push them back out.

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NewZealander2985d ago

awesome, cant wait to pick it up, im waiting until after Xmas though, as good as this looks Ive got to think about presents first :(