Shooters: Why I'm Just Not Into Them

GamePro: The biggest divide I find between myself and most gamers I know is that I just can't get into first-person shooters. I play them, of course, even when it's just because I feel I "need" to, just to "say that I have," when I'm aiming to understand the experience of your garden-variety core gamer. But I never feel part of it; I have always felt that these games are meant for someone who isn't me.

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tatsukishi2987d ago

Very well written article I agree with most of it. It is the type of gamer that plays FPS especially on XBOX live that keeps me from wanting to touch the genre. Occasionally I will enjoy a nice FPS on the PC like mass effect of Fallout but shoot die shoot dis multi-player does not engage my brain enough to keep me interested.