Itchy Thumbs: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

Itchy Thumbs says: "When Criterion was purchased by EA little over six years ago, many fans of their smash-based racer Burnout feared that it would gradually be watered down until it resembled just another Need for Speed game. Fast forward back to 2010, and we’re faced with a rather ironic situation, as the developer’s first stab at their owner’s big franchise sees it far more reminiscent of one of their earlier efforts than it does past NFS games."

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nix2988d ago

i forgot today was 15th and went to the shop and asked for NFS though i didn't want to buy the game (until i saw the youtube vids). with GT5 in the horizon and Burnout being a better game than NFS:HP... i think now i'll skip NFS... NFS had my one-time-chance. q:

Rage_S902988d ago

i just thought the cars felt stiff so im suprised by the good reviews

i hope burnout gets back to this formula though paradise city confused me :S