HD-DVD fires back at Blu-ray - Toshiba: "HD-DVD titles lead the way", gets Harry Potter & Oceans from Warner

After yesterday's Blu-ray press conference, Toshiba fired back over the course.
If you look at the picture, the title says "HD-DVD titles lead the way" and they have put Harry Potter and Oceans along the known exclusives of Universal like The Bourne Trilogy.

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MK_Red4154d ago

Funny how both campaigns say their format is leading the way.

ReBurn4154d ago

Yeah, each side is spinning this as hard as they can, yet in the overall DVD market there is about 1% difference in market share between the two. It's almost funny.

ITR4154d ago

DVD will be around for the next 5-8 yrs I expect.

MikeGdaGod4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

i already got screener copies the Bourne trilogy and watched the latest one in 1080p last night.

who needs HD-DVD?????..........not me, thats for sure

i also got a screener copy of the new Holloween movie...i hope the movie industry isn't countin on me.........ima beast

Greysturm4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

But we all know they do not lead in sales

cloud3604154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Am sorry to tell u but warner bros are also with blu-ray...

so order of the phoenix is blu-ray

they say "for every 4 ps3 sold, 2 blu-ray movies are sold".... what a lie. is that how low they went to get the consumers

MrSwede4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

If that 2:1 ratio (PS3/Blu-Ray disc) is true I kept 8 PS3 buyers from "having to buy" one and so did a lot of my friends..

eagle214154d ago

They will sell more on blu ray this year! What about Spiderman 1,2 and 3 (Sony), Ratatouille (disney pixar), Cars (disney pixar), Pirates 3 (disney), Close Encounters of the third kind (spielberg exclusive despite Paramounts dumb ass), Live free and die hard (Fox), Fantastic four: rise of silver surfer (Fox), Simpsons movie (Fox)? Superbad, owned by Sony, is the current number one box office smash for two weeks! Where is that going? Fox has 29 crazy exclusives this year. Warner supports blu ray. Blu ray will have 600 titles on the shelf by years end. Where is the fight? I can't see one.


Blu Ray is the clear winner,and Wal Mart is supporting Blu Ray,selling Blu Ray Movies for $24.95.Go check Wal Mart out .

MrSwede4154d ago

I was truly worried about the movies coming on Blu-Ray but if those you mentioned are coming I´m relieved! Man, Simpsons, Spiderman and Fantastic 4 to me is enough to keep me calm for a long time!

mirroredderorrim4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Blu-ray support
Warner Bros.
Disney (Buena Vista)
Sony Pictures

HD-DVD support
Warner Bros.

Keep in mind there are heavy rumors going on that Universal could be releasing Hi-Def Content for Blu-Ray. If that is so Blu-Ray could have this bagged earlier than expected.

pshizle4154d ago

Dreamworks hd dvd exclusive

tmax4154d ago

Spielberg movies are is exempt, and they are the only ones worth getting.

PS3n3604154d ago

HDDVD also has New Line, Dreamworks and HBO as well as a bunch of european studios that noone cares about so thats forgiven.

sanderFVCKINcohen4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

also, MTV films, nearly the whole Viacom. Come on man be fair, dont be a square. Also, nearly all US indepent films, like the porn industry.

Besides, HD DVD has way better sound, unlike Blu-Rays compressed azz sound and you cant tell the difference between the 2. I see no difference, except for the size of Blu-Ray. Let me tell you through time HD DVD can get as much space as BR, its just in the movie industy space is not even a problem.

EDIT: also. Xbox live market place has tons of Liongates movies, and were going to be the first ones to watch Family Guy on HD, and Family guy is from Fox.

mirroredderorrim4150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

I have listed the big 8. These are the 8 biggest movie studios that ARE basically Hollywood. And HBO hasn't had anything good from there since the Sophranos, which I loved.

Edit: Please shut the hell up about Xbox LIve letting you download Hi-Def movies. This is a format discussion, not console war B.S.

I'd rather see something about HD-DVD, not XBL.

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