InFamous movie poster is a fake

We just got the news that the InFamous movie poster is a fake. A member of made the poster some time back. Take a look at more of his incredible creations: http://scorpionsoldier.devi... More news at

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stonecold32920d ago

that come close to infamous is crank that what i think anyway it reminds me of cole jason stanthom character

Cloudberry2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Besides, his hair are already looked like Cole, lol.

Except, maybe Cole's body not that buff compared to Jason.

Anyway, on the movie poster, it says

I try to connect with that link, and instantly got redirected to

I know SONY owns the Infamous IP, but...

Let's see how this "rumor" goes...

Baka-akaB2920d ago

i disagree with the idea of casting someone for guys like cole , kratos and a few others , just because the actors are famous and bald ...

Everyone can go bald for a role ... let's focus on finding a good actor first .

So no Statham imo

velocitygamer2920d ago

You spelt Jason STATHAM wrong too XD

Immortal3212920d ago

would actually be good, look at spider man.

awiseman2920d ago

I always am up to date on these things. I new it was fake when I had not heard ANY info on casting or even the announcement of a script! Its a good fan-made poster though.

mushroomwig2920d ago

Vin Diesel as Cole!

Of course I'm joking, he is the most wooden actor I've ever seen.

Serinous2920d ago

it was pretty obvious....

BabyTownFrolics2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Michael Cera as Cole and Clark Duke as Zeke

after watching this video you too will be a believer:

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